Twig And Branch Furniture Ideas

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Rustic furniture, made from nature, is fun to make as there are no hard and set rules to follow.  The designs evolve very much from the variety of twigs and branches used for the furniture pieces.   No two pieces can or will look the same.  Even the method used to construct a furniture piece is up to the crafter as there are several different techniques that will work.

Mortise and tenon joints work well for straight branches used as crossmember supports.  These are normally glued to secure but can also be screwed together or a combination of both.  As more decorative twigs are added, they can either be nailed or screwed to hold in place.  The fun part about creating a chair or table is that you can add as little or as many twigs as you desire for your own unique design.

To finish a chair for comfortable sitting, you may want to finish the seat with some smooth lumber.  For the pictured chair, we used slats of thin pine.  Another idea would be to cut a piece of thin plywood into a somewhat square shape with the back being a little narrower than the front.  This would be your base for a cushioned seat.  Now you would just need to cut a piece of dense foam about two and a half to three inches thick for your cushion.  Lay this on top of the plywood and cover with a square of your desired fabric.  Turn the whole thing over and staple with a staple gun and some upholstery staples.   Once your fabric is tightly secure you can attach the seat to your chair base with four screws.  A chair looks a little more elegantly rustic with a fabric seat!

You can get many different looks with tables as well.  A fully rustic table would be made entirely from twigs and branches.  The top would simply be lined with various branches for a more uneven and decorative top.  The sofa table shown at the top of the page has a table top made from wood that has been sanded and finished with rounded corners.  Another idea for a little bit more of a dressy rustic look would be to put a glass top on a branch or log table base like the table pictured below.

We also trimmed the glass out with some pine stained in a warm honey but you could also just simply use all glass with beveled edges as well.

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