Things To Make Out Of Branches

Some craft projects require an extensive list of craft supplies. Others, not so much! For instance, a lot of rustic crafts simply require using items found from nature. My favorite nature item for rustic decorating is branches. There are so many cool things that you can make for the home. Both furniture and accessories are easy and affordable to make with branches.

What You Can Make With Branches

DIY Branch Fixtures

Fixtures are anything that is required in a home and would stay if you sold your home. Things like lights, rails, or spindles are all necessary and all can be made from simple branches. We have incorporated lots of branches into our cabin fixtures for a unique and rustic look.

Rustic Handrail

branch handrail and spindles

Depending on the size tree, you can either use the trunk or the branches to make rustic handrails and spindles. The handrails, in our cabin, were made from tall thin pine trees that we had to clear from our property before building. To get a nice smooth rail to hang on to, we peeled the bark from the tree. This was easier to do that it might sound. We had cut the trees in the Spring and peeled them right away. The bark comes off very easily at this time. Then, we sanded off any little branch knobs. Finally, I cleaned the log with a solution of 50/50 water and bleach. To attach the handrail to the wall, we first attached branch brackets to the wall. The tops of the branches are cut flat and placed diagonally up the wall. You could also use regular handrail brackets if you didn’t want to make your own.

Birch Branch Wall Sconces

Another fixture, that can be made with branches, is wall sconces. We have these in several places around the cabin.

birch branch wall sconce

All you have to do is drill holes through the branches to run the lamp wiring kit. For a true fixture, you can have an electrician hard wire this directly to the wall. Or, do it yourself if you are comfortable. You can also just run the cord down the wall to an outlet and hang the base with a picture hanger bracket. Check out the tutorial for more details and to also see examples of floor and table lamps that we also have made.

Branch Accessory Crafts

Home accessories are probably the simplest things to make out of branches. Lamps, curtain rods, picture frames, and candle holders are just a few of the ideas to make.

Curtain Rod

birch branch curtain rod diy
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I love to use branches as rustic curtain rods. Whenever possible, I also like to use forked branches as curtain rod holders. If I can’t find the right branches for holders, then I simply use regular pole curtain rod holders.

DIY Branch Candle Holders

You can make a variety of different candle holders based on the size of branches that you use. My favorite candle holders use thicker logs and just hold tea lights.

diy branch candle holders
TUTORIAL: DIY Branch Candle Holders

Candle holders, like these, are fun to make as either a single log or a set of three. The look varies depending on the type of tree you are using. Birch logs will give a clean rustic chic look and the darker pine looks a little more rustic. You can also peel the bark and leave it plain or decorate with paint or a wood burning tool.

Make A Branch Blanket Holder

diy branch blanket holder
SOURCE: Deeply Southern Home

I love ladders to hang blankets or towels on. Making one from branches is especially rustic and decorative.

DIY Branch Furniture

It may seem like furniture made from branches would either be difficult to make or not sturdy enough for a furniture piece. However, there are plenty of projects that are both easy and well constructed. Things like tables, chairs, or headboards are popular to make out of branches. Here are a few fun examples.

Branch Table

diy branch table
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This table looks like a perfectly stacked bundle of branches. However, the actual table is made from a wood base. Then, the branches are attached around the sides and slices adhered to the top. I love this idea for a rustic and sturdy piece of furniture.

How To Make A Branch Bench

diy branch bench
SOURCE: 1001 Gardens

I love this rustic branch bench. Whether you make one for inside your house or out in the garden, the look is unique and fun. There will never be two benches that look exactly the same which makes using branches particularly artsy.

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