DIY Birdhouse Using Birch And Old Signs

If you are like me and enjoy decorating with cute bird figurines, you may also like some decorative bird houses. Bird houses are easy to make and can be very inexpensive. Small birch logs or any other logs are perfect for making a DIY birdhouse. Although logs are rustic in and of themselves, there are ways to make a decorative birdhouse even more rustic. See how I made a rustic birdhouse using a log and an old rusty sign.

While my husband was out walking in the woods, probably hunting, he found a couple of old, rusty “no hunting” signs. They were obviously very old and not being used so he brought them back for me. Since I love to incorporate rusty metal into my projects, I knew I would find a use for them. It didn’t take long to put them to use in a DIY birdhouse.

diy birdhouse - using birch and old signs

How To Make A DIY Birdhouse

For this birdhouse craft, you will need a small birch log, some dried moss, rusty metal and a small twig.

Skill Level: Moderate

diy birdhouse

So, to start you will need a birch log with two straight cuts at the top to lay your tin roof flat on. You will also need to drill two holes. A large hole, partially through the log is needed to look like an opening for the bird and a small hole is needed to insert a small birch branch for a perch.

If you don’t have access to any old signs, you can always purchase rusty tin from a crafts supplies store. I have made many birdhouses this way and they look nice and rustic as well.

Old license plates would work really well for this craft as well. If you need to make any cuts, use a good pair of tin snips and then file down the edge with a mill file so there are not any jagged points. Or, purchase a tin license plate sign that can be bent more easily. 

tin license plate sign

PURCHASE: Tin License Plate Sign

Fold your cut tin in half and place it on top of the birch log. Secure the roof in place with a couple of dark nails.

diy birdhouse

To further decorate the birdhouse, you can add natural Spanish moss and some birch twigs in strategic spots like inside the hole opening and on the roof.

birch birdhouse

One of my favorite bird figurines looks right at home with my new rustic birdhouse!

Vary The Look Of The Rustic Birdhouses

Not only can you use a variety of different metals for the roof, but you can also make this DIY birdhouse with different types of logs. For a darker, more rustic look, try using a dark log like pine. You can even peel the bark off the log for a more natural look.

diy birdhouse

Once you make one birdhouse, it’s addicting to make several more! You can see how the look changes with the variety of logs and different kinds of metal roofing. You can also add a variety of other elements to your design like rocks, twigs, metal gears and more.

Another option is to use a straight cut log and then top it with an old metal funnel for the roof. Check out some more creative ideas at my Top 18 Birdhouse Designs To Try.

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  1. Please reconsider removing the perch on the birdhouse. This is what starling, grackles and jays use to land on and eat the eggs or young of the birds that inhabit your birdhouse. Small birds are able to enter by landing on the edge of the opening and then hop inside they don’t need a perch.

  2. Hi Mark – No they weren’t but I recently have found logs that were already hollowed out and I had a couple where the outer bark layers just slid right off the inner wood.

  3. Excellent bird house! Were the birch logs already hollowed out?

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