Super Easy DIY Twine Holder

It seems to me that the majority of my rustic crafts involve some sort of twine, string, wire, or garland. It can get kind of crazy trying to keep all of these rolls handy and organized. I like to be able to group my various twines together without having them getting all tangled up together. That is what led me to make this super simple DIY twine holder. Not only is it easy to make but I can make as many as I want for practically free.

diy twine holder

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My Twine Holder From Nature

The only supplies that you need for this craft can be found right outside your door or at least in a wooded area nearby. The base of the twine holder is made from slices of a small log and the post is simply a branch.

branch and log slice

Although you don’t have to spend money on supplies, you will need some type of saw to cut the log and branch slices. My husband used his chop saw to cut me a stack of log slices a while ago. I like to make coasters with them but some of my slices had cracks in them from drying out. I’m glad I held onto them because they are fine for using as twine holder bases.

I have used a chop saw myself to slice branches and I prefer a small one like this Dewalt mitre saw. It gets the job done so quick and easy. I feel like there should be some kind of similar chop saw available in the kitchen for cutting sweet potatoes!

I like to use branches that are about 3/4 of an inch in diameter for the posts. This size makes the post sturdy enough to hold heavier rolls of twine in place.

Once you have the branch and log slices done, you just need to secure the two together with a nail about 3/4 to one inch in length.

twine holder diy

That is all there is to it! So easy peasy. My log slices were a little rough so I did go over them with a little sandpaper as well.

easy twine holder

I love the simple decorative look that these DIY twine holders add to my craft room.

twine stand

I feel like my homemade twine storage stands fit right in with my other twine holders.

craft room twine storage
diy twine holder
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