Ten Super Easy DIY Headboard Ideas

To give a bedroom huge style impact, create a focal point with the headboard. Because you can set the theme with your chosen headboard material, homemade headboards are a great way to go. These DIY headboard ideas really set the tone of the whole bedroom.

DIY Headboard Ideas

Birch and Snow Ski Headboard

DIY headboard ideas - birch and snow ski headboard

A slice of a birch tree trunk anchored by two vintage snow skis makes a fun rustic headboard. All we did for the birch was slice a thin section from a tree trunk. Then, I sanded and finished it with matte polyurethane. The light weight piece was easy to screw into the wall.

Hanging Bench Cushion Headboard

DIY headboard ideas - hanging bench cushion headboard

Upholstered headboards always looks so lush and comfortable.  Here is a super easy way to get the same look!  Just hang a bench cushion from a section of molding or a shelf and you have yourself an instant chic headboard.

Vintage Door Headboard

DIY headboard ideas - vintage door headboard

You can’t get any easier than propping up a couple of old doors for a headboard and the look is so rustic chic!

Store Sign Headboard

DIY headboard ideas - store sign headboard

I desperately want to find an old salvaged store sign to hang it as a rustic vintage headboard like this!  So easy but packed with so much…WOW!

Vintage Shutter Headboard

DIY headboard ideas - shutter headboard

Old shutters are pretty easy to come by at antique or architectural artifacts stores.   I love the colors of these which give a light beachy feel and the added letters spelling the word “quiet” are such a fun idea for a coastal headboard.

Chalkboard As A Headboard

DIY headboard ideas - chalkboard headboard

A chalkboard is a super fun idea for a whimsical headboard.  You can write..or draw.. any message you want!

Curtain Panel Headboard

DIY headboard ideas - curtain panel headboard

Here is a unique idea using a curtain panel and some sharpie markers.  Write out your favorite quotes or song lyrics for some hip headboard decor.

Chair Back Headboard Idea

DIY headboard ideas - chair headboard

This one caught my eye because I already happen to have one chair back and I also love to collect wooden chairs.  It is such a fun idea for a creative headboard!

DIY Wood Headboard

DIY headboard ideas -wood headboard

I love the fact that this headboard was made with new wood that was made to look old with stain.  It is a very simple construction and you can even get the wood cut to size at a home improvement store if you need to.  The added white shelf adds a nice amount of chic.

Tree Branch Headboard

DIY headboard ideas -tree headboard

This last rustic headboard is a definite winner in my book!  A big part of our decor is already made up of small trees so this would fit right in.

Do you have any easy diy headboard ideas that you would like to share?  Leave your thoughts and ideas below!

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  1. Love the padded one and the ones using the doors and shutters .. Have shutters, but don’t get to it. Love your ideas. Thanks!

    1. Hi, im buying my dream house, 1901 colonial with mostly original woodwork, except a room tgey used white wanescoat , it looks kinda beachy to me. Im from Massachusetts, living in Wisconsin and i miss the ocean, ive been planning on making that room my bedroom, beach theme and love your ideas, now im confused on which to do.

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