The Best DIY Knock Offs In Home Decor

I love shopping for home decor accents but I hate most of the price tags!  Did you ever notice though that some of the coolest items have the simplest designs?  So many times I find myself thinking “I could make that!” Well that is exactly what I and  many of you have done!  We have created DIY knock offs of our favorite retail home decor finds.

DIY Knock Offs

Pottery Barn Birch Candles

I especially like the clean rustic look of white birch bark.  The simple tea light candle holders that you often see in stores, like this one from Pottery Barn, are easy enough to make.

Pottery Barn birch bark candle holder

Here is my birch candle knock off.

DIY knock offs - birch candles

This knock off was easy to make and to get the glitter affect I just apply shimmering glamour dust to the varnish before it is dry.

Anthropologie Jute Lantern

Anthropologie has all kinds of great home decor and I just love this chic jute lantern:

Anthropologie jute lantern

Hymns and Verses shows how easy it is to make your own jute lantern.  Here is the knock off version of the lantern.

DIY knock offs - Anthropologie inspired jute lantern

Check out the link for this tutorial with a surprising supply that you can get right out of the recycle bin!

This next one may be my favorite!

Vintage Industrial Table

The original table comes from Vintage Industrial and sells for $695.

side table by Vintage Industrial

I am loving the table knock off version by The Golden Sycamore just as much!  It is such a great look.

knock offs

With the detailed instructions, you can make one for yourself!

Restoration Hardware Fishing Weights

Here is a fun idea that was inspired by Restoration Hardware.

fishing weights by Restoration Hardware

These fishing weights are pretty expensive to purchase so Aimee of Twigg Studio’s created her own using various sized balls, clay and paint. She covered different sized balls with clay and then layered them with metallic paints.

knock off fishing weights

Pottery Barn Desk

Are you in need of a new desk?  Check out this inspiration photo from Pottery Barn.

Very nice, stylish and functional.  Now look what you can do with a couple of Goodwill file cabinets, a wood panel desktop and a nice coat of chalk paint.

knock off pottery barn desk

Not too shabby!  And, for just a fraction of the price!  This Pottery Barn inspired desk is easy to create.

Have you created your own knock off to use in home decor?  What did you do?

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