Use An Old Picket Fence For Unique Wall Decor

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Sometimes you need to think outside the box when it comes to finding unique wall decor.  I am always surprising myself by what I mix together to come up with a design.  Many times I am able to upcycle an old item in a completely new way.  The base piece for my latest wall art project came from an old picket fence.  You won’t believe where some of the other items came from!

It started with a shopping trip to one of my favorite antique stores in Newaygo, MI, This Old House Antiques And Resale.  I found the old fence outside the store.  You can see that it still has some red paint on it but it is nicely distressed.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to find that.  Not only was it a great section of fence but it was already naturally distressed in a color that I wanted.  My home office has accent colors of red and pink.  This would be perfect to add a little color to one of my neutral walls!

Next, I found this great set of vintage keys.  I have no idea what these might have been used for but I thought they were super cool looking.  After searching online, though, it looks like they are most likely jailer keys.   If only they could tell a story!   They quickly found a new home hanging from the center picket.  I purchased a few other items that will be for future projects and everything else that I used for my wall art I found at home.

I wanted to set something at the base of the fence to place flower pots on and bring a little interest to the bottom.  Here is where I surprised myself a little bit.  I wandered into our garage and like a magnet my eyes were drawn to this piece of wood.  It looks like it came off of some kind of a pallet.  The piece was covered with cobwebs and dirt but I saw its potential.  Kind of like a diamond in the rough.  I brought it inside and cleaned it up, lovingly.  I love the numbers on it!  I had a couple of flower pots in my craft room and so I filled those with some floral picks that I had.

While I was going through my craft supplies, I happened upon some old tablecloth weights that I had thrown in a container for future use.

Bingo!  I had the idea to use part of this wall as a memo board.  In fact I already had something in the works for making some clips.  However, when I found these tablecloth weights, with the built in clip, I decided they would be perfect to use instead.  I simply looped some string around them and tied each one around a picket.  I now have a place to clips notes to each one.  You just never know when the things that you save will come in handy.

This picket fence wall art serves another purpose as well.  I have it placed between my desk and bookcase which holds my printer.  There is an outlet between the two where my printer is plugged in.  The picket fence now hides the cord very nicely!






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  1. Nice idea. I would paint them in different vibrant colors though to match my daughter’s room. 😉

  2. Vibrant colors would be so fun in a kids room!

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