Ten Ideas For Decorating Pumpkins

With the Fall season comes the inevitable need to decorate and display a pumpkin or two.  If carving isn’t exactly your forte, then maybe one of these other ideas for decorating pumpkins will spark an interest.

Whether you want to use real pumpkins or artificial, there are several unique ways that you can dress them up for Fall or Halloween using paint, fabric, bark or even candy!

I’ll start by recapping a couple of pumpkins that I have decorated, show you my new ones for this year and then show you several more ideas that I have found that are fun and unique.

You can find the tutorials for all of these decorating ideas by simply clicking on the photos.

Here is the list of ten:


My pumpkin "dressed" in a recycled sweater!

Decorating an artificial pumpkin with a warm and neutral sweater keeps it suitable for Fall decor well into the season.


Birch bark covered pumpkin for a rustic touch.

Another way to cover an artificial pumpkin is with some birch bark.  This is perfect for a rustic setting or for another neutral option….when orange just doesn’t work!


Painted welcome pumpkin.

For this pumpkin, I just painted the whole pumpkin a barn red to match our outdoor brick.  Then, I used a circle template to first draw on circles and then paint them with a green acrylic paint.  I free hand painted the word “Welcome” since the pumpkin is going by our front door.


Small ribboned pumpkins by Good Housekeeping.

Attaching various coordinating ribbon around the middle of several small pumpkins makes a cute and festive centerpiece for a Fall table.


Haunted house pumpkin by Eco Kind Design.

This haunted house pumpkin was easily made with a printable stencil from Better Homes and Gardens.


Fantasy pumpkin by Hallmark Magazine.

Halloween is all about make believe and dressing up so why not go all out with your pumpkin decorating as well.  This fantasy Cinderella’s coach idea is sure to delight kids of all ages.


Decoupaged leaf pumpkin by Better Homes and Gardens.

I love this idea for Fall decor!  Just collect your favorite leaves and decoupage them in place.


Stamped designs by A Story Book Life.

Stamps are a quick and easy way to get an intricate design on your pumpkins.


Vintage inspired pantyhose pumpkin by Shabby Lane Shops.

Here is a unique idea using pantyhose!  Get an instant shabby chic look when a white pumpkin is wrapped in fishnet hose and embellished with pearls and rosettes.


Pumpkin decorating with candy by Real Simple.

Finally, such a sweet idea for a holiday packed with treats!  Embellish your pumpkin with a few treats from your candy bag.

Happy Decorating!

Pringles Can Crafts For The Holidays

I love to buy Pringles potato chips in their handy little storage cans.  They store so nicely in the cupboard!  However, when they are empty, it almost seems a shame to just throw the cans away.

I have re-used the cans to store other items in my craft room, like long paint brushes or floral picks.  But…there are several fun things that you can do with these cans that are perfect for decorating or gift giving for Halloween.

There are so many fun ways that you can decorate a can simply to hold treats for gift giving but there are also some unique decorating ideas that you can try.

After searching for some festive ideas, I came up with a list of favorite Pringle can crafts just for Halloween to share with you.

Just click on the photos to get to all of the step by step tutorials!

Pringles can mummy by Alderberry Hill.

This mummy can makes an adorable Halloween decoration or could also be used, for a dual purpose, as a container to hold treats.

Pringles Halloween treat can by The Scrappy Chick.

Here are some festive Halloween treat cans to give away to teachers or to your kids who are too old for trick or treating but still would like a nice treat!

Pringles treat cans by See Vanessa Craft.

Here is another treat can which can also be used for “Booing” neighbors.  We do this in our neighborhood.  You put a treat in a container and leave it on a selected neighbors porch with a note to keep the treat, put a ghost picture on your door and return the favor to someone else who hasn’t previously been “booed”.

Witch decoration from a small Pringles can by All Free Crafts.

This friendly witch is made from the smaller sized Pringles can and some craft sticks.

Pringles can witches leg by All Things Crafty.

Why not make a witches leg to stuff into a paper mache boot?   A Pringles can works perfectly when painted like a pair of striped stockings!

Happy Crafting!

Creative Halloween Ideas: Crafts, Decor and Treats

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be good to do a wrap up post of all things pertaining to the holiday.  Throughout the month, several posts have been published here on Halloween crafts, decor ideas and lots of fun Halloween treat ideas.  To make it a little easier to navigate through and find everything you need to get yourself ready for Halloween, I am providing all of the links right here.

So, sit back and relax and  maybe grab a pen and paper for taking some notes.  Everything you need is right here to get you on your way to a super festive and fun Halloween party!

I’ll break the links up into three categories:  crafts, treat ideas and mantel decor


Halloween Wreath Ideas – a whole collection of wreath ideas ranging from cute to down right creepy

Glittery Metallic Pumpkins – this pumpkin craft was provided by a guest post

Decorate A Pumpkin With Birch Bark – a rustic twist on some pumpkin decor

Pedestal Candy Dish – a fun way to display candy corn

Fall Candle Holder – perfect for Halloween and the entire Fall season

Decorate A Pumpkin With A Recycled Sweater – reuse an old sweater for a unique pumpkin embellishment

Edgar Allen Poe Inspired Craft – somewhat spooky and somewhat shabby Halloween decor

A Roundup Of Halloween Crafts Using Recyclable Materials – a whole collection of craft ideas using recycled materials


Halloween Treat Ideas – lots of yummy treats that are easy to make and fun to display


A Taxidermy Crow And A Halloween Mantel – this mantel has a stuffed crow as it’s focal point

Decorating A Fireplace Mantel For Fall – a subtle Fall mantel with neutral colors

I hope you find these creative Halloween ideas to be helpful for your festivities this year.  With the variety of crafts and treat ideas to choose from there should be something that you can whip up before the holiday.  Many of the crafts are inexpensive to make too, using natural or recycled materials.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort and expense to make things festive!

Happy Crafting!

A Taxidermy Crow And A Halloween Mantel

I thought I was done with my Halloween decorating but then my husband brought home a little surprise.  He is a hunter and a while back he had gotten a crow.  I actually knew that he was getting it mounted but had kind of forgotten about it.

Our intent is to bring it up to our cabin for a little fun decor.  We have an obscure place in mind for it.  However, as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to use it for a Halloween display.

The fireplace mantel in my husband’s study holds his collection of vintage cameras.  I figured I could take down a few of those and incorporate some Halloween decor into that mantel.  I didn’t want to go over the top Halloween, I just wanted to sprinkle some across the mantel.  The crow of course was going to have to be my center point!

Luckily, I had plenty of things around the house that I didn’t have to go out and buy or make more.  I had a fall wreath with colorful leaves but decided I wanted to go more subtle so I used a plain grapevine wreath that I had in my craft room just waiting to be embellished.

For my Thanksgiving table, I normally have several pumpkins layed out across the middle.  I grabbed those to use along with a Fall centerpiece.   I just wanted a little splash of the Fall colors in between all of the black and white of the cameras, fireplace and photos.

I moved my Edgar Allen Poe craft project from the hearth of my great room fireplace up to this mantel instead.  I think it is more fitting here!

So there is the full mantel!  My husband still gets the majority of his camera collection on display but gets a little holiday spirit as well.  Plus, he gets to see his prized crow on display.  He better enjoy that in the house while he can!

Happy Fall!

Pumpkin Craft: Glittery Metallic Pumpkins

We are half way to Halloween and I thought now would be a good time to bring in one more pumpkin craft.  For this craft, I am bringing in a guest from the Halloween Alliance.  I hope you enjoy!


Here is what Chris says:

For a beautiful, rustic looking Halloween display or Fall centerpiece, you can easily create these glittery Halloween pumpkins in no time.  They are inexpensive, and though they look sophisticated, they wouldn’t look out of place in a cabin or in the backyard.  That’s probably because they remind me of over-sized potpourri.  I will likely make some more in metallic greens and reds as part of this year’s Halloween  decorations.  There are so many combinations of paint colors and glitter, the possibilities are endless.  Experiment and mix and match to create the perfect glittery pumpkins to fit your Halloween or Fall decor.


  • pumpkins, any shape and size (you can use real pumpkins or real looking synthetic pumpkins for a permanent decoration)
  • metallic silver, gold and copper spray paint or any other color as long as it’s metallic
  • spray adhesive
  • silver, gold or copper glitter


1.  Clean pumpkins with a damp cloth.  Dry completely.

2.  In a well ventilated area, lightly spray the bottom halves of all pumpkins and allow to dry.  Make sure to use a light coat of spray paint so the paint doesn’t drip down the pumpkin.

3.  After the pumpkin bottoms have dried, lightly spray the tops of the pumpkins, including the stems.

4.  Repeat steps two and three until you have the color you want on your pumpkin.  It usually takes about three coats.  Metallic paint usually dries completely in 15 minutes if you do light coats so this process doesn’t take a terribly long time.

5.  When the pumpkins have completely dried, you can add glitter to some or all of them.

6.  For glittery pumpkins, work with one pumpkin at a time.  Spray the adhesive on the pumpkin in one inch strips from top to bottom.  Immediately add the glitter to the strip while the adhesive is still tacky.

7.  Continue to spray adhesive and glitter in strips, holding pumpkin by the stem and turning until the pumpkin is completely covered.  Cover the stem in glitter last.

8.  Allow adhesive and glitter to completely dry before touching the pumpkins.

Thank you Chris Molnar @ Halloween Alliance for this chic pumpkin craft!