Ten Ideas For Decorating Pumpkins

With the Fall season comes the inevitable need to decorate and display a pumpkin or two.  If carving isn’t exactly your forte, then maybe one of these other ideas for decorating pumpkins will spark an interest. Whether you want to use real pumpkins or artificial, there are several unique ways that you can dress them up for Fall or Halloween using paint, fabric, bark or even candy!

Ways To Decorate Pumpkins

I’ll start by recapping a couple of pumpkins that I have decorated, show you my new ones for this year and then show you several more ideas that I have found that are fun and unique. All of these ideas for decorating pumpkins can be used on artificial pumpkins and some can be used for real pumpkins. You can also create your own pumpkin using an old book.

Sweater Pumpkin

decorating pumpkins with a sweater

TUTORIAL: How To Decorate A Pumpkin With A Sweater

Decorating an artificial pumpkin with a warm and neutral sweater keeps it suitable for Fall decor well into the season. I like to keep this out for Thanksgiving as well with the festive gold touches.

Birch Bark Pumpkin

decorating pumpkins with birch bark

TUTORIAL: How To Decorate A Pumpkin With Birch Bark

Another way to cover an artificial pumpkin is with some birch bark.  This is perfect for a rustic setting or for another neutral option….when orange just doesn’t work! Because of the rustic chic look, this is my favorite decorative pumpkin. Not only that, but it was fun to make too!

Painted Welcome Pumpkin

decorating pumpkins with paint

For this pumpkin, I just painted the whole pumpkin a barn red to match our outdoor brick.  Then, for a whimsical look, I used a circle template to first draw on circles and then paint them with a green acrylic paint.  I free hand painted the word “Welcome” since the pumpkin is going by our front door.

Small Ribbon Pumpkins

decorating pumpkins with ribbon

SOURCE: Good Housekeeping

Attaching various coordinating ribbon around the middle of several small pumpkins makes a cute and festive centerpiece for a Fall table. This is a super easy way to decorate pumpkins and still get a lot of style.

Haunted House Pumpkin

haunted house pumpkin


For a spooky look, this haunted house pumpkin was easily made with a printable stencil from Better Homes and Gardens. This one is sure to be enjoyed by trick or treaters.

Fantasy Pumpkin

chariot pumpkin

SOURCE: Hallmark Magazine

Halloween is all about make believe and dressing up so why not go all out with your pumpkin decorating as well.  This fantasy Cinderella’s coach idea is sure to delight kids of all ages.

Decoupaged Leaf Pumpkin

decoupaged leaf pumpkin


I love this idea for Fall decor!  Just collect your favorite leaves and decoupage them in place.

Stamped Pumpkin

stamped pumpkins

TUTORIAL: A Story Book Life

Stamps are a quick and easy way to get an intricate design on your pumpkins.

Pantyhouse Pumpkin

vintage inspired pumpkin

TUTORIAL: Shabby Lane Shops

Here is a unique idea using pantyhose!  Get an instant shabby chic look when a white pumpkin is wrapped in fishnet hose and embellished with pearls and rosettes. The look is completely vintage inspired.

Decorating Pumpkins With Candy

pumpkin decorated with candy

TUTORIAL: Real Simple

Finally, such a sweet idea for a holiday packed with treats!  Embellish your pumpkin with a few treats from your candy bag. This is an easy way for decorating pumpkins quickly.

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