DIY Book Page Pumpkin

I have quite a large stack of paperback books that I have been needing to donate or use. Because I love books, I have a hard time getting rid of them. So, it got me thinking about book page crafts and how I could make something with one.  A while back I had seen an apple that someone had made from a book and just loved it. For Fall decorating, I thought it would be fun to try a DIY book page pumpkin.

diy book page pumpkin

How I Made My DIY Book Page Pumpkin

Choose An Old Paperback Book With Yellow Pages

First, I went through my stack of books and picked one of the oldest books I could find.  The yellower and more aged looking the pages, the better!  It tends to give the finished project a more vintage feel to it I think. Once I found an old book that wasn’t a classic or other popular read, I tore off the cover and threw it out.  This is why I like using paperbacks. It’s a little easier getting those covers off.

Draw And Cut Out A Half Pumpkin

Now, I just had to draw a half a pumpkin!  Luckily, it doesn’t take advanced drawing skills to do this shape.  Starting at the top of the binding, I drew half of a pumpkin from the inside middle to the outer edge. Then, I just took a small stack of pages at a time and began cutting the outline.

diy book page pumpkin diy book page pumpkin

I kept re-tracing the outline as I cut a new stack.  When I was completely finished, I trimmed the whole stack here and there to make sure the pages were even.

Glue The Pages To Form The Full Pumpkin

Now, to get the pumpkin shape, you will need to fan the book out into a circle.  Using hot glue, glue the two end pages together in the back.  Insert a thick branch into the center of the book and continue to randomly glue pages together at the top near the stem until the shape stays spread out on its own and is pretty evenly spread out.  You can continue fluffing the pages when you are finished gluing until you are satisfied with the shape.

Finishing Touches For The DIY Book Page Pumpkin

I cut a couple of leaves out of burlap and glued those to the top close to the stem.

For some extra embellishment, I added a section of bark covered wire tied around the stem and twisted the edges for a curled affect.  I then brushed on a little copper metallic paint to the edges of the book pages to add just a touch of color.

And here is the finished project.

diy book page pumpkin

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial, going to try it with my Grandson.

  2. Going to try this with my Grandson tonight. Great tutorial!

  3. Very clever idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have talent! So fun and best of all upcycled!

  5. Love this tutorial! Thank you for posting. I have seen pics online, but never knew how to make them. This will be my project tonight!!

  6. Love this and thx for the instructions! I’ve seen these but not good instruc and love your finishing touches

  7. What a great idea for using up old books, thanks For sharing! Penny

    1. You’re welcome Penny – thanks for stopping by!

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