Creative Ways To Decorate With Branches

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An inexpensive and easy way to add some rustic touches to your home is to decorate with branches.  You can get a myriad of different looks depending on the size and type of branches that you use. It also depends a lot on the rest of the decor as to how the ultimate feel of the branches in the space will be.  For instance, white birch branches can look either super chic or very rustic depending on what they are placed with.

I have put together a tour of spaces, that have been decorated with branches, to show the wide variety of looks that you can get with just simple branches.  Sit back, enjoy and be inspired!

Tree Branch Decor Ideas

Bedroom branch centerpieces by 1Decor

bedroom branch centerpieces

Bedroom branch centerpieces by 1Decor

These branch centerpieces flanking each side of the bed add a nice flowing whimsical style that fills up the space nicely and is super easy to do.

Branch Wall by Daily Home Decor Ideas

birch branch wall

Birch branch wall by Daily Home Decor Ideas

This birch “wall” adds a lot of nice rustic texture to the space.

Dining Room Branch Decor by Homedit

dining room branch decor

Dining room branch decor by Homedit

Birch Chandelier by Brit & Co.

birch chandelier

Birch chandelier by Brit and co.

Instead of spending a lot of money on large light fixtures, to add a lot of impact, making a hanging out of branches is a great solution that adds a ton of interest.

Chic Dresser with birch by Unique Unique Design

chic dresser

Chic dresser with birch by Unique Unique Design

This shabby chic dresser vignette is full of style with all of the different textures.  The birch is a perfect addition.

Birch Branch Curtain Rod

birch branch curtain rod


I like to use branches as curtain rods for an inexpensive and interesting look.

Branch Mantel Decor

decorating with branches


Branches are also a good filler in mantel displays.

Large Birch Branch Display

branch display


This tree was simply put in a heavy vase and placed behind the sofa to add a rustic touch.

How have you used branches to decorate your space?

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Decorating!

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