Decorate A Bulletin Board With Antique License Plates

I needed to make some changes to my teenage son’s bedroom.   He had a very basic and plain cork bulletin board that had previously had the small frame painted a bright blue.   The board used to be covered with basketball cards and sports pennants however this was no longer going to fit in with his decor now that he was sixteen.  Goodbye cute themed rooms and hello smorgasbord of cool and funky.

Since he is now driving and has his own 1989 Ford Bronco, I thought it would be fun to do something with antique license plates.  I have to be very careful with anything that I put in his room though.  Heaven forbid the project ends up looking  “cute”.

The very first thing that I did was to change this bright blue frame and paint it to a much more subtle and sophisticated black.

My son might tack a note here and there on his bulletin board but definitely doesn’t need the whole space anymore.  Because of that, I wanted to make the frame look more substantial by lining the top with the license plates.  I found three matching ones in color with the center plate being a truck plate.

I used E6000 craft glue to adhere the license plates in place on the cork.  I first glued the two plates on each end and then glued the center plate overlapping the two end plates.

I wanted to decorate the bottom of the frame too just a little.  I found a few fun black pieces from my husband’s junk drawer, an old section of chain, an allen wrench and some bolts to glue to the frame with tacky glue.  I didn’t want anything bright, colorful or cute – just subtle, manly and hopefully cool!

I didn’t want to give him ordinary thumb tacks for this fun and funky bulletin board so I made him some.  I simply glued some wing nuts and other nuts to flat thumb tacks with tacky glue.

Here is the full picture again:

This is a very simple way to decorate a bulletin board and a fun way to display some antique license plates at the same time.  And, as a bonus you can clean out a junk drawer.  I may add more to this frame but am waiting for my son’s reaction first!

Happy Crafting!