Decorating With Yellow For Clarity, Relaxation and Happiness

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Have you ever thought about the meaning of colors when you pick your palette for decorating?  The colors that you choose can actually affect the way you feel.  I tend to naturally be drawn to the color yellow and have chosen a light buttery shade as the main wall color throughout my house.  When I looked up the meaning of the color yellow, I discovered that decorating with yellow is actually a pretty good idea.

Not only is it pleasing to the eye but it has other benefits as well.  Yellow is supposed to bring about energy.  I’m guessing the truer the yellow, the more energy it evokes.  However, even a light shade will give off the affect of a sunny day.  It gives clarity for decision making, relief from stress, sharper concentration skills, and alleviates depression on a cloudy day.

Bring on the yellow I say!

You can also add some yellow with your decor in the form of furnishings, throw pillows, and other accents.  Here are some examples for adding a touch of happiness into your home with the color yellow.

sunny living room

sunny living room by Country Living

I feel energized just looking at the photo of this sunny living room.  What a great place to go and de-stress especially on a cold winter day!

Here is a photo of my living room with a softer buttery yellow:

soft yellow living room

It’s a little more subtle but still soothing and sunny.  The warm tones make it a great place to relax.

yellow dining room

yellow dining room by Emerald Green Interiors

I could sit in this dining room all day long…..but then I would probably feel like eating all day too which could be a problem!  It would be a great to dine in such a cheery spot though.

A kitchen done in yellow would be just as wonderful:

soft yellow kitchen

soft yellow country kitchen by Home and Family

The soft yellow is a perfect match with the stainless steel.

If a whole lot of yellow is not really your thing, you could always add just a touch for accent:

yellow decorating accents

yellow decorating accents via Easy Feng Shui

You can see that the small touches of soft yellow warm up the cool blue just perfectly.

yellow decorating accents

yellow decorating accents by She Knows

The yellow throw pillows and flowers add a nice pop of color to the otherwise neutral color palette while at the same time bringing a little sunshine in.

Here is another similar example:

yellow bedroom accents

yellow bedroom accents by Spread Decor

I am beginning to see why one of my daughter’s chose yellow and gray as her wedding colors!

yellow with rustic touches

yellow with rustic touches by Bright Bazaar

A little splash of color even looks appropriate in a rustic setting like this.  The yellow really brightens up the darker wood.

bright yellow furniture

Bright yellow furniture can be a wonderful accent to the norm.  I love how it pops against this brick wall.  Hanging a scarf from a ladder, with shades of yellow on it, is another awesome idea.

Have you considered decorating with yellow?  In what ways have you added the color?

Happy decorating!