Feature: Pallet Headboard Fit To Be An Heirloom

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Projects with pallets are extremely popular right now and it is no wonder why!  The rustic look is so warm and attractive.  Plus it seems to fit in with a variety of styles.

I have seen a number of different pallet headboards but this project by Susan at Ready Home, which was just submitted, is a bit unique and I am very excited to share it.

A couple of extra steps were taken in their project to give this headboard a truly finished look while still maintaining the rustic feel.  By using a planer, staining and framing in the pallets, you definitely get the look of a real piece of furniture.

Check out the big picture:

A pallet headboard by Ready Home that is fit to be an heirloom.

Click on the photo to see the whole project.  There are some little extras that make this headboard especially cool!

Thank you Susan for your inspiration!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our pallet headboard, Renee. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised to see this. 🙂

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