Five Unique Recycled Paper Crafts

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Everyone has scrap paper!  It has to be the number one throw away item.  However, it doesn’t have to be!   There are so many cool things that you can make out of all types of paper.  The ideas that I found for recycled paper crafts will having you stockpiling your paper like you never have before!

A simple idea I have done, using newspaper and a cereal box, is to make a paper or magazine holder.  I have seen so many items for sale in stores with a newspaper theme.  So, covering just about anything with newspaper is going to be stylish and hip right now!

As I searched for more ideas, some of them were more obvious like gift wrap and bows.  But, did you know you can also make trash cans, bowls and even handbags?

Check out all of these fun ideas to get you inspired to start saving your paper!  Just click on the photos to get to the tutorials.

Unique Recycled Paper Crafts:

Magazine trash can by Cut Out And Keep.

1.  Magazine Trash Can – A great way to make use of those old magazines is to turn the pages into a trash can rather than throwing the magazine into a trash can!  The step by step tutorial shows how you can easily accomplish this and end up with a very solid and fun waste basket.

Here is another cool take on a magazine trash can:

Magazine trash can by Curbly.

I like the ability to use and see some of your favorite pages with this craft idea!

Magazine bowl by Saved By Love Creations.

2.  Magazine Bowl – Another recycled paper craft using magazines!  This cool looking bowl is a little time consuming but the end result is so worth it.

Newspaper basket by How About Orange.

3.  Newspaper Basket – Make a fun basket, to store odds and ends, out of newspaper.  This is an easy project that can be done quickly.

Recycled calendar tile coaster by Prudent Baby.

4.  Calendar Tile Coasters – Another great paper to recycle is old calendars.  Most calendars have beautiful pictures or graphics that would be fun to save and reuse.  Incorporating them onto a coaster is a fun way to add some art to your home decor.

Newspaper roses by Tip Junkie.

5.  Newspaper Roses – You quite often see rose embellishments made from fabric but these roses are made from recycled newspaper!  I love the shabby chic look and they can be used in so many applications.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I am inspired to make the newspaper basket and the newspaper roses. I tried to print the vintage lace brooches but my pc/printer just weren’t cooperating. I went to positivelysplendid to print it out. Really enjoy your blog and the projects you feature.

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