What To Do With Crates

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Who would have ever thought that fruit crates, wine crates or other bottle crates would wind up as such popular pieces in home decor?  The rustic vintage look has become so popular and these crates are the perfect accessory for warming things up and adding some nostalgic interest to a room.

Are you wondering what to do with crates?  Have you come across a cool looking vintage style but it is left sitting in the garage for lack of a better use?  I just might have some better ideas for you!

I found an old shipping crate that I ended up using as a simple rustic book shelf in my office.

rustic book shelf

Here are some more things to do with crates that are simple and creative.

crate shelving on casters
Crate shelving on casters by At Home Interiors

Here is another crate shelving unit but this one is a stack of three and it is put on casters for easy mobility.  I’m thinking that I want to add casters to my crate.  It just adds that little extra something not to mention the functionality!

crate storage
Crate storage by French Larkspur

A great way to display a collection of vintage crates and also use them in a functional way is to fill them with supplies, line them up on some rows of shelves, and enjoy them as decorative visible storage boxes.

hanging crate
Hanging wall crate by et cetera e casa

You could also hang one on the wall for another storage option.

crate side table
crate side table idea

I love this crate side table idea with added magazine dividers for easy storage.

crate planter
Crate planter by Chipping With Charm

Here is a super cool planter idea by Chipping With Charm using a great looking divided crate.

crate dresser
Crate dresser by The Cozy Old Farmhouse

Okay…this example could be my most favorite use of crates.  I see these vintage soda bottle crates all the time at antique stores.  I’ve been passing them by because I haven’t had an immediate use.  However, now I am going to be on the lookout for an old dresser that I can take the drawers out of……and paint red!

Do you have some fun ideas of things to do with crates?  What have you tried?

Happy Decorating!

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  1. Dear Renee,

    I absolutely love your website!! You have done all of the research for me!! Thank You! Thank You!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I’m so glad you enjoy it!

  2. love the ideas of the crates for bookcases and for all my knick knacks……were do you find those crates??

    1. I find a lot of crates at antique malls or flea markets. Those would probably be your best bet.

  3. i love the first one with the old books on the shelves. i could do that if i had that crate. i have some old books my mother left me.

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