10 Decorative Organization Crafts

There is something about the beginning of a new year that makes everyone want to get organized.  A new beginning means a fresh start or out with the old and in with the new.  When that feeling to organize hits, it’s best to jump on it. The feeling may be gone tomorrow! Therefore, today I am focusing on craft projects that help with organization.  No matter what time of year, all of these DIY organization crafts will help to declutter your home in no time.

10 Organization Crafts

1.  Wooden Boxes With Paper Hardware

organization craft boxes
Organization craft boxes by Country Living

Inexpensive wooden boxes look great with paper hardware and new paint.

2.  Chalkboard Vinyl Tags Jar Organization

chalkboard vinyl tags
Chalkboard vinyl tags by Little Birdie Secrets

Don’t forget creative labels when it comes to organization! This is especially important for those containers that you can’t see through.

3.  DIY Storage Using Recycled Tin Canisters

recycled tin storage canisters

I recycled a set of old gift tins to use for storage by wrapping them in twine and making labels with linen sticker letters.

4.  Paint Brushes In Vases

paint brushes in vase

I am loving this idea for storing paint brushes.  The vase filled with rocks looks so decorative as a base for the brushes – you hardly even realize it is meant for storage!

5.  DIY Storage Caddy Using A Recycled Six Pack Container

diy six pack storage caddy by rustic-crafts.com

I love to turn six pack drink containers into useful storage caddies.  The separate compartments are perfect for storing a variety of supplies.

6.  Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

cereal box drawer dividers
Cereal box drawer dividers by I Heart Organizing

This is an amazing solution to drawers that can easily get out of hand!

7.  Mason Jar Paint Storage With Chalkboard Paint Lids

mason jar craft storage
Mason jar craft storage by It All Started With Paint

I like how the labels for these jars are on the lids so the jars can be stored in a cool industrial basket.

8.  Tin Can Caddy

tin can caddy
Tin can caddy by Cynthia Shaffer

Tin cans plus a lazy susan equals a super functional storage caddy! Since a lazy susan spins, getting to the various containers is easy.

9.  Twine Storage

twine storage
Twine storage by Your Home Based Mom

This is just plain pretty! Because of the glass tops and bases, this project adds glamour.

10.  Cereal Box Paper Organizer

cereal box paper holder

This paper holder was super inexpensive to make since I covered the cereal box in newspaper!

I hope you have been inspired!

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