15 Creative And Chic Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Once the Christmas shopping is done, there is still that other project that you just can’t keep putting off……all that wrapping!  It doesn’t have to be a chore though when you think of it creatively.  I actually kind of enjoy coming up with unique ways to present gifts – it’s just another craft project really! Check out these creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas!

To keep it fun, I came up with a collection of inspiring ideas  to  help jump start the beginning of your Christmas gift wrapping.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas:

1. Simple White Christmas Wrap by Love That Party

simple white Christmas wrap
Simple white Christmas gift wrap by Love That Party

2.  Homemade Ornament Gift Wrap by 365 Days Of Crafts

homemade ornament gift wrap
Homemade ornament gift wrap by 365 Days Of Crafts

3.  Here is a collection of gift wrap ideas using Personalized Photo Gift Tags.

photo tag gift wrap

4.  Vintage Lace Ribbon by Home Bunch

vintage lace ribbon
Vintage lace ribbon by Home Bunch

5.  Here are some quick and easy ideas for Lunch Bag Gift Wrap!

lunch bag gift wrapping

6. Rustic Natural Gift Wrap by Garland Of Grace Blog

rustic natural gift wrap
Rustic natural gift wrap by Garland of Grace Blog

7.  Book Page Flower Toppers by By Stephanie Lynn

book page flower gift toppers
Book page flower gift toppers by Stephanie Lynn

8.  Book Page Gift Wrap by Its A House

book page gift wrap
Book page gift wrap by Its A House

9.  String, Doilies and Sequins by The Nester

chic gift wrap
String, doilies and sequins gift wrap by The Nester

10. Christmas Gift Wrap Five Ways by Dress This Nest

christmas gift wrap 5 ways
Christmas gift wrap 5 ways by Dress This Nest

11.  Chalkboard Paper Gift Wrap by Going Home To Roost

chalkboard paper gift wrap
Chalkboard paper gift wrap by Going Home to Roost

12.  Boxes and Buttons by One Lucky Day

box and button gift wrap
Box and button gift wrap by One Lucky Day

13.  Song Sheet Gift Wrap by Macaulay Arts

song sheet gift wrap
Song sheet gift wrap by Macaulay Arts

14.  Candy Cane Gift Wrap Topper by Older and Wiser

Candy cane gift wrap topper
Candy cane gift wrap topper by Older and Wiser

15. Burlap Garland Gift Wrap

burlap garland gift wrap

Are you ready to start gift wrapping now?

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  1. Thanks for sharing my simple white Christmas gift wrap.

  2. Thank you for including 365DAYSOFCRAFTS . The collection of projects is fantastic.

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