Craft Project Ideas For The Home

To get the most unique and customized home decor, sometimes it is best to make the items yourself. Not only do you get the exact look that you are going for but most of the time you save money as well. This collection of craft project ideas are all intended to bring custom style to the home.

Stylish Home Craft Project Ideas

Embroidered Grain Sacks

craft project ideas - embroidered grain sacks

If you like to embroider, you can put your skill to use by embroidering on a vintage grain sack. Decorating with grain sacks is so popular, but making the graphics really stand out puts it over the top. This embroidered grain sack project creates unique wall art starting with a grain sack. The sack is then given some pop with embroidery and then stretched over a basic canvas for hanging.

Get Crafty With Paint Sticks

craft project ideas - paint stick bushel basket

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have extra paint sticks on hand. Instead of throwing them out, they actually can be used in a variety of craft projects. This paint stick bushel basket was made with paint sticks and embroidery hoops. Other things that could be made are lampshades, baskets, vases or wooden stars.

Use Mod Podge and Printed Graphics To Style Bottles

craft project ideas - mod podge labels to jars

I have talked about using old jars for storage. However, you can add a bit of style to the bottles and jars by applying a fun label. All you need is a printer and some Mod Podge to create a unique look. These Mod Podged labels were printed off a computer, cut to size, and then applied to the bottles with Mod Podge.

Yarn Wrapped Bottle Vases

craft project ideas - yarn wrapped bottle vases

Yarn can be used in crafting for more than just knitting. These yarn wrapped bottles make some very decorative vases. I love the fact that you can also recycle wine bottles for this project.

Button Pendant Light

craft project ideas - button pendant light

I love using buttons in craft projects! This button pendant light is just one great example of how you can use buttons in your home decor.





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