Rustic Birch Crafts That Are Easy To Make

Rustic birch crafts include any projects that use birch bark, branches or logs. There are so many things that can be made from a birch tree. However, these rustic birch crafts are some of my favorite.

Unique Rustic Birch Crafts

Birch Branch Monogram Letters

rustic birch crafts - birch branch monogram letters

SOURCE: BB Paper and Ink

These elegant little birch branch letters can be formed easily from a collection of branches. To make the letters, simply pick the right branch pieces to form a letter. Then, glue the pieces together and wrap with embroidery thread or twine. Glue the finished letter onto a small slab of birch log. These can be used to spell out names, as place settings, or a fun greeting such as “gather”.

Birch Branch Candle Holder

rustic birch crafts - birch branch candle holder

As long as you are collecting branches, you might also want to put together a birch branch candle holder. Since the branches are lined up and glued around a square glass candle holder, you could do the same with a tall glass vase.

TUTORIAL: How to make a birch branch candle holder

Make A Birch Log Bird Bath Base

rustic birch crafts - log bird bath

SOURCE: The Art Of Doing Stuff

The base to this birdbath is simply five birch logs cut to the same length. It doesn’t really matter what you use for the actual bird bath as long as it can be held by the birch log base. A wooden or ceramic bowl works perfectly. This idea would also work well as a flower pot stand.

Put Together Some Rustic Birch Branch Garland

rustic birch crafts - birch branch garland

Birch garland is a versatile decor piece that is fun to make and can be used creatively in decorating.  I have used this in different settings on shelves, mantels and table tops. However, my favorite is hanging it from an old window.

TUTORIAL: How to make birch branch garland

Make A Rustic Ladder Out Of Birch Logs

rustic birch crafts

SOURCE: Liz Marie Blog

A rustic birch log ladder is perfect for hanging blankets or towels.

Have you made any rustic birch crafts?  Do you have any other ideas?  Leave me your thoughts and suggestions below!


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