A Collection Of Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day crafts are obviously fun to do for the holiday. However, some of these ideas are great to do anytime. Whenever you want to add a little romantic decor to your home, these ideas will come in handy.

From paper crafts to fabric and wood, there is plenty of inspiration for the material that you want to use. I was able to find a nice collection for you that should be fun to give away or use in decorating.

To start, I made this fun little love nest craft real quick and easy. All I did was shaped a handful of Spanish moss into a heart, threw in a few rocks, and put letter stickers on the rocks to spell out the word “love”. You can’t get much easier than that! And, you can display it on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

valentines day crafts

Crafts For Valentine’s Day

Key To My Heart Craft

key to my heart craft

SOURCE: I Love It All With Monika Wright

A vintage key and book page heart make a Valentine display that is so shabby chic. It’s decorative enough to be used all year. This is a great little reminder, to keep on a desk, that “he holds the key to my heart”.

Homemade Valentine Card

valentine craft

SOURCE: Crafty Makes

This scruffy heart card is both shabby chic in style and uses recyclable material in the design. Recycled packing paper and sewing paper were both used to create this!

Wooden Valentine Tree

valentine's day craft

SOURCE: Then She Made

This Valentine tree would be fun to display or give as a gift. Each decorative “branch” could hold a personalized message for a special someone.

Heart Wreath

valentines day craft

SOURCE: Tatertots And Jello

I love this hanging burlap heart to use as a festive wreath on the door. Check out the tutorial to see just how easy and inexpensive it was to make.

Valentine Sign

heart craft

SOURCE: The Idea Room

Putting a sweet message in a shabby chic picture frame is a great way to add some mood setting decor for the holiday. This is such a pretty display with a perfect valentine message.

Valentine Treat For Birds

shabby chic picture frame

SOURCE: Under The Table And Dreaming

Even the birds need a little Valentine treat! I would love to look outside and see the birds feasting off of this cute little heart feeder.

3D Heart

paper valentine's day craft

SOURCE: Craft Ideas

This 3D paper craft heart is a lot of fun. Hang it anywhere that you want to add a little festive love.

Which valentine craft is your favorite? Share your thoughts below, I would love to hear from you!

For more inspiration, check out these rustic Valentine ideas.

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