Valentine Water Bottles: A Quick Valentine’s Day Craft

valentine water bottles

Are you looking for a quick Valentine’s Day craft to decorate your home with this year? You can’t get much easier than with these Valentine water bottles. If you are serving a romantic dinner at home, then why not have a fancy water bottle on the table to refill your glasses? Whether some Perrier or simple tap water, the bottles will add an elegant touch that is reminiscent of fine dining. The best part is that it takes very little effort to make your bottles Valentine-worthy.

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Valentine Bottle Supplies

DIY Valentine Bottle Instructions

Although a flip-top glass bottle with a red stopper looks especially appropriate for a Valentine’s dinner, you could use any bottle that you have on hand instead of purchasing a new one. Some ideas might be a vintage milk bottle, empty wine bottle or even empty sauce or soda bottles. Once the bottle is embellished, it will still be perfect for a romantic dinner.

Once you have your bottle picked out, you need to think about a message for the outside. Using chalkboard labels and a chalk marker, draw some hearts or x’s and o’s for a simple message of love. You don’t need to stop there though. Just think how special it would be if you used larger labels and a smaller point chalk marker to write out what you love about your sweetheart!

Finally, to add a little more of a festive look, use baker’s twine to wrap around the mouth of the bottle. I would have used red and white twine but had the black and white already on hand. If twine isn’t glamorous enough for you, you could wrap red gift wrap ribbon around the mouth and then curl the ends by pulling the ribbon across a sharp pair of scissors.

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