Valentines Day Gift Bags You Can Make

Love is in the air! Valentines Day is such a fun time to show your love to family and friends in special ways. Of course, I love making Valentines Day special for my husband – and he for me. However, this morning I’m thinking about my two grandkids and how I can brighten the day for them. This led me to start thinking about the presentation of treats and why I decided to make my own gift bags. My DIY Valentine bags are a bit on the larger side but I’m a grandma and can do that! Along with my idea, I’m also sharing several other Valentine bags that may fit your needs as well.

No matter what the holiday or occasion, the presentation of the gift is what really makes things festive. I always get so excited when it comes to the packaging. Either it’s just the creative side of me or I’m trying to dress up a gift that might not actually be liked. It’s kind of like a consolation prize. You may not like the gift but wow it looks so pretty! However, with Valentines Day you can’t go wrong with treats and the packaging is just icing on the cake.

Large And Soft Valentine Bags

valentines day gift bags

I made this soft Valentine sack for my granddaughter Charlotte who just turned three. She is at the age where she gets so excited for gifts and also appreciates festive packaging. She will love touching the soft felt and later using it to tote around her little treasures.

This Valentine bag was incredibly easy to make and is also quite durable. All I did was take a scrap of rectangular felt, folded it in a half, and stitched a seam along one side and the bottom. After flipping it right side out, I had a basic bag to work with.

diy valentine bag supplies

I then looked through my craft room for red Valentine-ish embellishments. Usually I find colors that I need in my button stash. I have no idea where the red tulle came from but I cut off a small section to add to my little conglomeration.

valentine embellishments

I just layered everything together and attached it to the bag with the buttons. So easy!

valentine bag

The last part was creating a drawstring opening. By folding the top down inside the bag, I created a little pocket for the twine to run through. Since I needed an opening for the ends of the twine to come through, I simply made a little slit with my scissors. Then, I folded a length of twine in half and placed the fold at the center back of the bag. From there, I laid out the twine under the pocket so that each end came together through the slit in the front middle. I did a simple gather stitch to hold the fold down, with the twine already in place, which was also super quick.

Mini Valentine Snack Bags

diy valentine treat bags
TUTORIAL: Alice And Lois

Whatever size bag you need, the same principle applies for making the bags. These mini treat bags are so cute decorated with patterned fabric.

Burlap Treat Bags

burlap valentine bags
TUTORIAL: Purely Katie

For a look that has a rustic feel, use burlap for your bag material. I like the extra twine that acts like handles for easy toting around.

Valentine Paper Favor Bags

valentine favor bags
TUTORIAL: Camille Styles

I love the look of Kraft paper bags as a base for decorating. Paper is also super easy to work with. Use stamps, ribbon, twine, or markers to decorate your bags in a festive way. To close the bags with twine, all you need is a paper punch to create holes for the twine.

Wooden Heart Bags For Treats

valentine treat bags

There is not end to the creativity that can be done when decorating a bag. I was drawn to this design because of the rustic wood hearts. Such a cute and creative idea!

Love Tic Tac Toe Bag

love tic tac toe bag
TUTORIAL: Love Our Real Life

Why not let your bag do double duty as a game? This valentine love bag is just as much fun on the outside as what the bag may contain. The x and o wood disks can store nicely in the bag with a few other treats.

Love You To Pieces Sack

love you to pieces bag
TUTORIAL: All For The Memories

While we are thinking along the lines of games, why not make your Valentine message be a puzzle? I just love this idea, especially with the Love You To Pieces message. So clever!

DIY Valentine Love Sacks

diy valentine love sacks
TUTORIAL: A Box Of Twine

If you like to crochet, you can make special hearts to decorate a plain lunch bag. The bags get instant chic with the fancy toppers.

Heart Fringe Treat Bags

heart fringe treat bags
TUTORIAL: 5 Minutes For Mom

Felt is also so easy to use in a no sew project. Just layer two felt hearts and make small cuts down the sides. Then, tie the strips together and you have an instant bag!

Valentine Download For Paper Bag

valentine download for paper bag
FREE DOWNLOAD: Twig And Thistle

With all of these easy ideas, you would think that you couldn’t get any easier. However, this one just might be the easiest. Twig and Thistle is providing this Valentine message as a free download. Just download the graphic and run a paper bag through your printer. I love this!

For more free Valentine downloads, check out my Valentine wine labels that could also be used to print on a bag.

Drop Cloth Valentines Day Bags

drop cloth Valentines Day bags
TUTORIAL: Jaime Costiglio

There are so many great textures, between fabrics and paper, to use for the actual bag. These cute little Valentine bags were actually made from a drop cloth. This fabric is a great neutral and rustic look that make the perfect base for all that cheery red fabric.

For more fun Valentine ideas, check out my post on Valentine decor you can make in a rustic style.

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