A Roundup Of My Top Ten Rustic Crafts

Today I thought I would compile a posting of some of my top rustic crafts.  These are a combination of crafts from nature and recycled crafts. Because of this, all of them are very budget friendly.

Top Rustic Crafts

1.  Birch Bark Wine Bottle Craft

top rustic crafts - wine bottle craft by rustic-crafts.com

I took an empty wine bottle and wrapped it with birch bark to make a rustic style vase.  Since the birch bark was found in the woods and the wine bottle was recycled, this whole project was just pennies to create.

2.  DIY Birch Sconce

top rustic crafts - diy birch sconce by rustic-crafts.com

These sconces have been a joint effort between my husband and I. First, my husband crafts the sconce and then I decorate the shade.

3.  Bird Craft

top rustic crafts - bird craft by rustic-crafts.com

The body of this bird is made up of styro-foam balls with the wings being formed from recycled license plates.  I kind of think he resembles more of a chick than a bird……maybe I should call it a chick craft! However, to get more of a bird shape head, just carve the styro foam ball into the shape that you want it.

4.  Cheers Sign

top rustic crafts - cheers sign by rustic-crafts.com

Some branch pieces and a little paint are all that is needed to make a fun and cheery rustic sign.

5.  Branch Craft

top rustic crafts - branch craft by rustic-crafts.com

I took a plain glass square votive holder and glued thin birch branch twigs all around the perimeter of the glass.  It now fits in nicely with any rustic decor.

6.  DIY Magnet Board

top rustic crafts - diy magnet board by rustic-crafts.com

I took a generic magnet board and made it rustic by decoupaging craft paper to it.  I then added birch twigs, that I bundled together, to the bottom as well as some to the top and sides.

7.  Rustic Button Craft

top rustic crafts - rustic button craft by rustic-crafts.com

A slate roofing tile and a pile of buttons were all that I needed to make a fun wall hanging!

8.  DIY Garland

top rustic crafts - diy garland by rustic-crafts.com

This craft is fun and easy to make.  It is great to line a mantel, shelf, Christmas tree or hang over a frame.  Just string sections of birch branches, or any other kind, through thick elastic cord or twine.

9.  Birch Birdhouse

top rustic crafts - birch birdhouse by rustic-crafts.com

The birch birdhouses have always been a favorite!

10.  DIY Storage Tins

top rustic crafts - diy storage by rustic-crafts.com

These rustic style storage containers were transformed from recycled Christmas tins.

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup of the top rustic crafts!


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