American Flag Crafts To Decorate Your Home

The most popular way of decorating for the 4th of July is by displaying the American flag. However, the flag is a great thing to display at any time of the year. If you are looking for some creative ways to make your own flag, then these American flag crafts will offer inspiration.

Flag Craft Ideas:

Fabric Flags:

With all of the fun patterns of fabric, you can be quite creative with the type of flag that you create. Hanging strips of red white and blue fabric from a branch,a wooden hanger or other piece of wood is one great idea. This American flag backdrop, created by Laughing Latte, is a perfect example of this.

american flag craft

I love the combination of fabric strips and lengths of trim.

Depending on the amount of space you have, it may fit better to create a fabric flag banner. Here is an easy example from Saltwater Kids.

american flag banner

Wooden Flags:

Another way to create your own flag is out of wood. Salvaged wood or pallets will give a more rustic look to your flag. If you collect driftwood, you could make a driftwood flag for a summery rustic look. Whether you paint the wood or leave it neutral will also have an impact on the design. I love this neutral American flag made from pallets by 99 Pallet Ideas.

american flag made from pallets

If you prefer a more traditional looking flag, all you need to do is add paint. This next wooden flag by The Yellow Cape Cod uses a bundle of furring strips and paint.

wooden american flag

Other American Flag Craft Ideas:

A Bottle Cap Flag

If you have been saving your bottle caps, you may be in luck to make a bottle cap flag. Otherwise, throw a party or collect bottle caps from friends for this next project. It does require a variety of red, white and blue bottle caps. Using a piece of plywood or cork board as a base, adhere the bottle caps to create a flag design. This example from Boredom Therapy provides good inspiration.

bottle cap flag

Painted Window Flag

I love decorating with old windows and this painted window makes a fun flag display.

painted window flag



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