Driftwood Flag Craft

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During the patriotic holidays, I like to decorate in red, white and blue. In particular, I like to see the American flag.  Since I like to collect driftwood, I came up with this driftwood flag craft. The display can be hung in any room and at any time you want to display your patriotism.

Because the craft uses driftwood for the flag stripes, you almost get the feeling that the flag is waving.  The different thicknesses and shapes of the driftwood are what give it dimension and curve.  If you can’t get a hold of any driftwood, you can also use varying sizes of branches.

Driftwood Flag Tutorial

To stick with the rustic and natural look, I used one to two inch twig stars from the craft store.  They come in a package of varying sizes.  You can use as many stars as you want the age of the flag to look!  I used thirteen for the “Betsy Ross” version.

Skill Level – easy

Materials Needed:

  • 1/2 inch plywood, cut to size (I used a scrap piece that was 22 inch x 21 inch)
  • six or seven pieces of driftwood or branches
  • paint
  • small twig stars
  • 3/4 inch trim pieces to frame plywood (or use branches to frame)
  • sandpaper
  • hot glue
  • picture hanger bracket
  • small finish nails
  • stain or paint for trim pieces


1.  Draw out a square for painting blue background.  I made mine 7 inches by 9 inches.

2.  Apply masking tape to the edge of the line to prevent painting outside the box.  Brush on blue acrylic paint.  Once dry, remove tape and apply more to the inside edge of the box.  Now paint the rest of your wood red.  **You could also first paint the whole piece of wood red and once dry, draw your box, tape off edge, and apply blue paint.

3.  While waiting for paint to dry between coats, paint your driftwood and stars white.  I also painted one piece of driftwood blue to add to the box for stars.  This gives the whole flag lots of dimension.

4.  Using hot glue, adhere your driftwood and stars to the wood to complete your flag.

5.  An option to make your flag look more faded and worn would be to sand off some of the paint.

6.  If you want to frame your wood, cut trim pieces to size and miter the corners.  Finish the wood by staining or painting it.  Attach the trim with small finish nails.

7.  Finally, nail a picture hanger bracket to the back so that you can hang your masterpiece on the wall.

driftwood flag craft






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  1. New follower from the Alexa hop 🙂 Such a cute idea! I love it


  2. What a cool way to use that driftwood! The stars are so fun, too!

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