Area Rugs To Enhance Rustic Decor

Shopping for area rugs can be nerve racking. If you want a rug with any type of design, it can get complicated. A design with neutral colors is easier to match up, in a room, than a colorful one. The goal is to find area rugs that enhance instead of detract from the style of a room. Because shopping for rugs can be stressful, I came up with some visual inspiration to make it a little easier.

Area Rugs By Shape

Round Area Rugs:

I recently wanted to add an area rug to our living room to provide a little softness and warmth. The room is very vintage industrial so I wanted something to enhance this room in a fun downtown way. I decided to go with a design that had neutral geometric lines. It still fit in with the rustic accents in the room but also was a bit edgy for the urban building.

round area rug

This next rug, from Domino, is a great example of using color to enhance rustic wood. The warm colors of the rug compliment the warm wood of the exterior door.

round area rug

It’s pretty popular to see round area rugs under a kitchen dining set. This example, from Magnolia, is a perfect style to warm up a family eating area.

round area rug

Rectangular Area Rugs:

A rectangular shaped rug is a little easier to incorporate into a room. The following examples work well with any rustic space.

I love this first rug from Twelve and Main. In fact, I almost went with a very similar style in my living room. The neutral silver and cream can work in so many spaces.

area rug

For an interesting dining room rug, try a pattern with lettered graphics. This design fits well with a country or farmhouse kitchen.

area rugs

Using color in a rug that compliments some of the room accents is a great way to tie the whole room together. I love the subtle coloring in this living room rug.

living room area rug

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