Candle Holder Ideas That Are Easy To Make

Since candles are so popular to have in the home, some focus should be put on candle holders. Instead of a plain plate or glass container, think of other ways to add some style with the holder. These candle holder ideas are all unique and work to enhance a rustic decorating style.

Unique Candle Holder Ideas

Paint A Log In A Buffalo Plaid Pattern

Log candle holders are an idea that has been around for awhile and you can click on the link for the basic tutorial. However, painted logs help to create some unique and custom styling.

buffalo plaid painted log candle holder

I wanted a candle holder that would work in a modern rustic or farmhouse setting. Since buffalo plaid is such a popular rustic pattern, I decided to paint one of my log candle holders in that pattern.

Steps For Painting A Buffalo Plaid On Wood

  1. The log should be free from bark. Some bark comes off more easily than others depending on it’s age and dryness. I have found some birch logs where the bark is already separated from the log. However, if it takes a little more work, there are ways to peel logs fairly easy.
  2. Draw out about one inch square with a pencil first. Since I wanted my squares to be defined after sanding, I also used a wood burner over my pencil marks.
  3. Paint the top row alternating colors of black and gray. For the second row, use white and gray. The white square should go directly under the gray and the gray squares under the black. Keep alternating the rows until you reach the bottom of the candle.
  4. To give the paint a distressed look, simply go over it with fine sandpaper until the desired affect is achieved.
  5. Cover with polyurethane to seal.

Create A Wood Burned Design

Use a wood burner to create a design on a log candle holder. Depending on the bark, this can be done with the bark on or off.

wood burned log candle holder

A simple design can be left as is or use paint to add some accent color. Again, draw the design with a pencil first and then go over it with a wood burning tool. For another idea, see how I used a wood burning tool on a birch lamp.

Use Small Branches To Form A Rustic Candle Holder

DIY birch branch candle holder

To add some rustic style to a glass candle holder, simply line the glass with thin branches. This birch branch candle holder idea is easy to put together.

Use Rusty Coils For Unique Candlestick Holders

rusty coil candlestick holders

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