How To Make A Birch Twig Candle Holder

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One of my favorite items to use in a craft project is birch twigs or branches.  I have a craft room stocked full of them!  There is always something new and fun to do with them and this birch twig candle holder is one of my favorites.  If you want to add a little rustic accent, you will definitely want to give this a try.

birch twig candle holder

Birch Twig Candle Holder DIY

Supplies Needed

  • a nice bunch of birch twigs or other small twigs – gather your own or purchase from a craft store
  • small glass container to fit a votive candle
  • jute string or twine
  • tacky glue


You really can make this candle holder as big or small as you would like, depending on the size candle you wish to use.  I used a small square glass to fit a votive candle nicely.  The shape doesn’t matter either, as long as it’s not an irregular shape like an hour glass.

1.  With your pruning shears, cut your branches to size.  I cut mine a little taller than my glass and at somewhat varying heights.

2.  Use tacky glue to adhere your branches to the glass.  You will want to use this type of glue because it dries clear and you will never see it through the glass.  It tacks on fairly quick but can move around for several hours.  I still had some wet glue in spots after having it set overnight.  However, all of the branches were still held in place.

birch twig candle holder instructions

Here you can see that I started at the corners to kind of anchor the design with some of the larger branches.  I began working in from there.  The branches stayed in place right away after pressing them onto the glass but I was able to move them around if I decided to make a change.

3.  Once the glue is dry, you can tie a section of jute string around the branches, loosely, just to finish it off.  Set your candle inside and you are finished.  Just three easy steps!


For more candle holders ideas, see how to make a variety of looks from small logs.

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