Cork Board & Wine Corks DIY Jewelry Holder Craft Idea

Displaying necklaces and bracelets on a wall seems to be a popular way to go. It makes sense to have them hanging in eyesight where they won’t get tangled up and they are easily accessible. I have seen a lot of different ways of accomplishing this and decided to jump on the bandwagon. My DIY jewelry holder is also a great way to recycle.

One item that I have an abundance of is wine corks. I figured they would make a great knob or hook to hang necklaces from. I just needed to attach them to something. So, I decided to make myself a cork board using an old picture frame and some cork you can buy in a roll.

diy jewelry holder

DIY Jewelry Holder Steps

Picture Frame Makeover

To make this jewelry holder, I needed a picture frame to hold the cork. Luckily, I already had an old one on hand. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like the frame which is probably why it wasn’t being used to hold a photo. Although, it was also missing the glass! Since I didn’t need glass for this project, it was the perfect frame to give a little makeover to.

First I distressed the picture frame using a couple colors of paint and a product called Weathered Wood, which you can find at any craft store in the section where they sell the small containers of acrylic paints. I first painted the frame in a combination of a couple of colors, a gray slate and tan. When the paint was dry, I applied a thin layer of the Weathered Wood medium. After that was dry, I applied a thin layer of white. The white paint went on unevenly and crackled because of the Weathered Wood to give me a distressed finish.

Cut And Insert Cork

Using the picture frame backing as a guide, I cut a piece of cork from my roll with a sharp scissors. I then adhered the cork to the frame back with spray adhesive. The glass to my frame was already missing, making this a perfect frame to use! Then I just inserted the backing back into the frame and secured the tabs. Now I was ready to make my cork knobs.

Make Wine Cork Hooks

I decided that the easiest way would be to glue tacks onto the ends of each cork and then just insert them into the cork board. I could then easily place the wine corks wherever I wanted them on the board. This works great for light weight necklaces like the ones pictured but anything too heavy wouldn’t work well with a cork tack. I tried it with a very heavy necklace and NOPE not gonna work! Another option would be to cut the corks a little shorter and adhere them with E6000 craft glue for strength. You could even do this with just a couple of the corks that you wanted permanently in place for heavier necklaces.

I used the wonderful E6000 craft glue to adhere the thumb tacks to the ends of my corks as well! This is a highly durable and strong glue.

Finished DIY Jewelry Holder

That’s all it takes to get your jewelry up on the wall and use up some of those wine corks!

diy jewelry holder

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