Crafts With Branches For Home Decor

Crafts with branches can produce some of the best rustic decor for your home. Branches are one of those things that can be somewhat overlooked when they are in there natural environment outside. However, when you bring them in your home and use them to decorate, then they quickly become a thing of art.

I like to use birch branches in projects and have used them numerous times in a variety of different crafts.  My crafts with branches range from picture frames to tissue box covers to lampshades among others.

Crafts With Branches

Birch Twig Candle Holder

I have used small birch branch pieces in crafts like this rustic candle holder.

branch craft

Birch Branch Picture Frames

crafts with branches - birch branch picture frame

A plain picture frame instantly becomes a rustic decor piece when it is embellished with bunches of intertwined birch branches.

The branches are flexible enough to bend and weave in between each other to create an interesting design and fill the frame completely.


Spell Out Words With Branches

You can also use branches to spell out words on a sign.

crafts with branches

This sign craft was easy to put together by just gluing the branch sections down to form letters.

Here are some more unique crafts with branches that I found to be inspiring.

Make Branch Florals

crafts with branches - yarn and twig dandelions

I love the simplicity of this look! These yarn and twig dandelions would be pretty in a chic vase.

Frame Those Branches

crafts with branches - framed branches

Remember I said that when branches are brought inside they become a thing of art?  Well, that is why they are perfect in a frame!  I love this idea which is reminiscent of a picture of trees.

Adhere Branches To Canvas

crafts with branches - branches adhered to canvas

Here is a similar idea but a bit more of a minimalist approach.  The tree branches are quite striking against the pure white board.

What crafts have you done using branches? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. I love decorating with sticks! Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  2. Love this! With all nature has to provide the possibilities are endless.

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