Sweater Pumpkin Craft Using A Recycled Sweater

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This pumpkin craft takes a traditional pumpkin and gives it just a little shabby chic twist.  I can quite often find your basic orange pumpkin on sale at any craft or general store.  These can be fun to have for the holidays but you can get them to fit in with your decor a little bit better with just a little embellishing.  That is exactly what I decided to do with this pumpkin and an old stretched out sweater of my husband’s.

I love the color cream, which fits into almost any room and I love the soft texture of a sweater.  If you have some sweaters that have maybe seen their better day, you may want to recycle them in this way instead of just throwing them out.

Before the holidays, it is usually pretty easy to find pumpkins on sale at craft stores.  I just picked up an orange pumpkin for fifty percent off for a cost of just five dollars.  Making it pretty doesn’t have to cost anything at all.  Here is what I did.

To start, I cut a section out of the sweater that was as wide as the pumpkin from the top stem to the bottom just so it tucked under.  I made it long enough to wrap around the whole pumpkin.  I then cut that piece in half figuring it would be easier to work with one half at a time with a seam at each side.  Also, I would be wrapping a ribbon around the pumpkin when I was finished to hide the seam so it didn’t matter if I had one or two seams.

To adhere the sweater, I sprayed half of the pumpkin with Elmers spray adhesive.  I the pressed one of the sweater sections onto the pumpkin:

halloween craft

It worked really well without any mess at all.  I then repeated this with the other section, pulling the sweater sections tightly together at the seams.  I cut another small square piece to fit in at the bottom of the pumpkin.

Now, to hide the seam I just took a wide ribbon and wrapped it around the pumpkin and secured it first with one loop knot:

halloween craft by rustic-crafts.com

I then wrapped the two ends of the ribbon around the stem and made a knot:

halloween craft

Then I just tied it into a bow and trimmed the ends.  For a little more embellishment, I added some various strands of yarns and jute string.

Halloween craft by rustic-crafts.com

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  1. Great minds think alike! I am currently working on a sweater covered pumpkin! I hope mine turns out as cute as yours did!

  2. Hey! That’s great! It’s definitely a fun look. Good luck with yours! 🙂

  3. Awh how sweet and simple! Thank you SO much for the inspiration and for linking up at crafty scrappy happy! I love the look! I will for sure have to keep this in mind!!!

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