Decorating With Coastal Colors

If you are looking to decorate a room in a theme that is soothing and relaxing, you might want to consider using coastal colors in your palette.  The natural colors of the sky and water are spa like and tend to take the stress right away. Decorating with coastal colors also pairs well with rustic styling.

I have been gravitating to these colors lately and plan on incorporating the colors as much as I can into my decorating.

How To Incorporate Coastal Colors Into Rustic Decorating

Soothing Natural Accents

It probably started when I collected a piece of sea glass last year while vacationing in Florida.  The pale blue tint of the glass is such a pretty and soothing shade.  I used it in a candle holder that I made:

coastal colors

I like how the soft blue pairs with natural wood.

Here are some great examples, that I found, for decorating with coastal colors.

Wood Plank Wall Stained In Coastal Colors

wood plank wall in coastal colors

There is nothing like a rustic plank wood wall in coastal colors to create a soothing atmosphere. The colors work so well for a beachy cottage style room.  It definitely gives you the feeling that you can sit and take a breather from the daily stresses!

Paint A Shiplap Wall In Aqua

decorating with coastal colors - painted aqua shiplap wall

An aqua shiplap wall is another pretty coastal shade that pairs well with natural wood or wicker and other natural elements.

Add Some Distressed Furniture In A Coastal Color

entryway decorating

This entryway provides a fresh welcome with a touch of soothing blue in the distressed furnishings.

Distress A Shiplap Wall In Soothing Colors

rustic bathroom

A bathroom is a great place to use coastal colors for a spa like feel.  This is another example from Tuvalu Home of a rustic style coastal feel.

Add A Little Chic

bathroom decorating

This one is a little more chic and spa like with the smooth blue paint and the combination of the elegant decor. Although this look is not as rustic, the blinds and distressed wall art and a warm touch.

coastal colors

And, another simple and soothing design in blue and tan.

coastal colors

A kitchen looks bright and cheery with this cool color palette.

shabby chic living room

Aqua and tan are great colors to use in a shabby chic style.  They make a perfect backdrop for things like an old wooden ladder, twine and white accents.

Would you do any decorating using coastal colors?  What room would you do in this palette?

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  1. Where can I buy that cute curio cabinet?


  2. I love the cool colors. seeing those pictured calmed me. I love blue and green. Great work. THank you for inpiring me! My spirits are lifted.

    1. Great Maria! There is something very tranquil about those colors.

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