Decorating With Columns – Bring The Old And Weathered Inside!

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Columns are typically meant to add architectural interest to the outside of your home, however bringing some of the old and weathered columns inside add a lot of unexpected appeal.

I recently went shopping at an architectural artifacts store and was amazed by all of the varieties of columns offered for sale.  I hadn’t really considered bringing old columns into the house before but now my mind was whirling with the possibilities.

But, here is the thing.  My husband had brought home a couple of concrete columns a while back that he found along side a road.  Yes, he is the ultimate dumpster diver!

They were just sitting in our garage, collecting dust and waiting for a new home.

So, I decided to dust one of those babies off and haul it inside!

We already have fixed pillars in our house that we added to the design when we built our home:

Although the majority of our house is quite traditional in style, we have done a lot of rustic decorating with natural elements and vintage accessories.  It seemed totally appropriate to add a little more rustic flair to our foyer with a weathered column.

I did already have a much more refined and traditional looking wooden column in the foyer before but when I made the switch, I was immediately in love with the feel the old column exuded.

Here is a bigger picture of the “new” column in place:

I had to put a pot holder under the column to keep the concrete bottom from scratching my wood floor and to also make it easy to slide in place!

I moved the old column to the office next to a birch floor lamp:

You can see that this one is much more narrow than the new concrete column.  I am so happy I made the switch!

Happy Decorating!

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