Decorating With Rusty Buckets

So, it may seem that once a metal bucket gets rusty it becomes useless.  I mean, who wants to perform chores with a bucket that doesn’t look like it would hold up to the task? However, before you throw out those buckets with the dishwater, you may want to consider another use. Decorating with rusty buckets is a perfect way to add a rustic touch to your space.

Ways To Decorate With Rusty Buckets

Add Twine And A Painted Stencil

I like to use buckets for storing things that I need to keep handy in visible areas.  This way the buckets are serving two purposes.  One for storage and the other for some added rustic decor.

Today, I worked on sprucing up a couple of buckets that I had to give them a little added flair.  Both of the projects were super simple.

rusty buckets

For this first bucket, all I did was wrap some twine around the top edge to give it about a one inch border.  Then I stenciled the numbers 01 on the front with some blissful blue paint to give it just a faint touch of color.

Line Bucket With Burlap & Make Typewriter Key Label

rusty buckets

For the second bucket, I thought I would make a burlap liner.  I just sewed a simple bag design with a flat circle bottom and inserted it into the bucket, gluing it in place.  I then made a fun label with vintage typewriter keys spelling out the word “stuff”.

Here are some more ideas that I found for using rusty buckets in home decor.

Add A Burlap Bow

rusty bucket trash can

Here is a different kind of storage use – the temporary kind!  A rusty bucket dressed up with burlap makes a decorative trash can just right for a small bathroom.

decorative rusty bucket

A completely decorative use is fun too.  The rusty bucket here is a perfect shabby back drop for the pretty and chic dishes.

Rusty buckets are also great to use at Christmas time. Fill them with faux snowballs, pine bows or set the Christmas tree trunk in one.

Would you decorate with a rusty bucket?

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  1. Hi Renee, thanks for using my Burlap Trashcan picture…I had a lot of people pinning it…New Blogger here, it’s exciting when you come across your own pictures all over the internet…lol
    Greetings..I love rusty buckets

    1. You’re welcome Christine! I really liked the way you used your bucket and yes…aren’t rusty buckets the best!

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