Christmas Decor Ideas In Containers

Like container gardening, Christmas decorating can be done in small areas by filling trunks, buckets or baskets with various festive items.  This is an easy way to highlight a certain area or make a focal point. The following Christmas decor ideas are displays in containers that can be placed anywhere.

Ideas For Christmas Container Displays

Fill A Trunk With Christmas Decor

A vintage salesman case was used for this display in our entree way.  I just filled it with some favorite Christmas decor and it made a nice welcoming focal point. Something like this can simply be placed on the floor or on a table.

Christmas decor displayed in a vintage trunk

Of course, a large trunk can hold bigger Christmas decor.

Christmas decor in a large trunk

An assortment of Christmas trees works well in a large trunk.

Paint And Fill A Galvanized Bucket

Christmas decor in galvanized buckets

Sometimes decorating the container itself helps to make the display seasonal. These painted galvanized buckets are perfect for Christmas plantings and decor.

For another rustic bucket idea, try using a rusty bucket for displaying Christmas cuttings.

rustic bucket filled with Christmas cuttings

For more rustic Christmas decor ideas , see my post on rustic Christmas decorating with the old and rusty.

Fill A Rustic Wooden Bowl Or Tray With Colorful Ornaments

wooden bowl filled with Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments aren’t just for the tree! Because ornaments can be displayed anywhere, think about using a decorative container. Using a rustic wooden bowl to display a collection of colorful and shiny ornaments is very rustic chic.

Use Any Vintage Container For A Potted Tree Cutting

potted tree cuttings in vintage containers

Get instant Christmas decor by potting an evergreen tree cutting. As long as the containers are a good scale to the cuttings, it doesn’t matter what you use for the pot. Because a group display has even more impact, use a variety of coordinating containers for visual interest.

Use A Large Urn To Display Christmas Decor

antique urn with a Christmas tree

A large antique urn makes a beautiful base for a small Christmas tree. Whether you use an urn for a tree or an assortment of cuttings, it is sure to look elegantly rustic.

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  1. You’ve got some gorgeous arrangements here.

  2. Renee, these are WONDERFUL ideas!!! I have some small trunks that I’ve been wondering how I could use them other than ‘just another flower arrangement’. Problem solved! Wish I had thought of it! lol

    1. Oh good Camille! I’m glad you have been inspired 🙂

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