DIY Lighting Ideas For A Shabby Chic Style

An important part of interior design is in the lighting and coming up with some unique ideas can set your home apart from the rest.  Light up your home with stylish fixtures that will illuminate and add charm at the same time. I found several DIY lighting ideas that will do just that in a comfortable shabby chic style.

Lighting Ideas That Are Easy To Make

DIY Birch Lamp

lighting ideas with birch
My husband and I have made several birch lamps for our home.  When I pair one of the lamps with a chic shade woven with pip berries, it fits in perfectly with shabby chic decor.

You can see how to make your own birch lamp by following my tutorials for both the lamp and the decorative shade.

Here are some of the other unique ideas that I have found.

DIY Book Lamp



This DIY book lamp not only makes a bright conversation piece but it is also a great way to recycle those old books!  I love the warm and inviting look.

DIY Wire Basket Lighting Idea

wire basket lighting idea

TUTORIAL: Liz Marie Blog

Switch out your plain ceiling lights with some fun wire baskets!  Liz Marie shows you just how easy it is to make this stylish transformation.

Egg Basket Lighting Ideas

egg basket lighting ideas

TUTORIAL: Gracies Cottage

Make a simple pendant light out of an egg basket.  All you need is an egg basket, light cord and a round light bulb!

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier


SOURCE: Kara Paslay Designs

Here is a super cool shabby chic chandelier made up of mason jars.  It takes a little more time and effort to complete than some of the other projects but the result is so worth it!

Lighting Ideas Using Tea Cups


I am loving this Anthropologie  inspired teacup lamp!  It is a great way to display some of your vintage collection of teacups and get a new use as well.

Vintage Funnel Pendant Idea

lighting ideas

SOURCE: Fine Craft Guild

Why not use an old funnel for a shabby pendant light.  The fabric covered cord adds the perfect amount of chic!  I did something similar to this at our cabin by taking the globe off of an existing plain pendant light and slipping the funnel over the light bulb bracket in it’s place.  An instant and easy makeover!

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  1. Haven’t seen the funnel light before; way cool.

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