DIY Lighting Using Just About Anything!

Once upon a time I used to spend hours shopping for just the right lamp or light fixture. When you need something to fit into a unique space, settling for something that doesn’t really fit shouldn’t be the only option.  However, as time has gone on, I have come to realize that I can easily make my own lighting with almost anything that I can think of.

DIY Lighting

DIY Birch Tree Lamp

One of the first projects, that my husband and I worked on, was birch tree lamps.  We were looking for something that was elegantly rustic and decided to make our own.

DIY lighting using a birch tree

I used bark covered wire to wrap the top and bottom of the lampshade with pip berries.

DIY Kitchen Sifter Pendant Light

Another fun diy lighting idea, that we came up with, was for our cabin dining area.

diy lighting using a vintage kitchen sifter

We wanted something unique, small and industrial for our cabin dining area.  I couldn’t find the right fixture at any of the lighting stores.  But…when we were shopping at an antique store, we spotted this perfectly shaped vintage sifter and knew it would make the perfect hanging pendant light!

Vintage Spool and Shop Light

diy lighting with a shop light hung from vintage spool

Here is an idea by Nellie Bellie that I am actually going to be using at our cabin.  We had purchased shop lights like these to use as reading lights for each of our bunk beds.  The problem was figuring out a cool way to hang them.  The problem was solved when I found this post showing how to do it using a vintage spool!  How clever is that?

Globe Ceiling Light

diy lighting using a globe

Another super cool idea is to simply replace the glass light cover with a globe half for a fun and unique look like this globe light by DIY Showoff.

DIY Wire Basket Lights

diy lighting

Industrial wire baskets are popular to use as light fixtures and this example by Infarrantly Creative to use in a laundry room is especially cute.

diy lighting using wire baskets

This outdoor pendant lighting idea by Design Sponge is made up of two wire planter baskets!

Mason Jar Lighting

diy lighting - mason jar chandelier

What’s not to like about this charming mason jar chandelier by Ikea Hackers?  Mason jar decor is so popular that it makes sense that it would carry over to lighting.

DIY Planter Basket Light

diy lighting using a planter basket

A planter basket is another perfect material to use in making a rustic pendant light.  Get the easy instruction from The Handmade Home!

DIY Wastebasket Light

DIY lighting using a wastebasket

Poppytalk uses a wastebasket and floral fabric to create a fresh and chic pendant light fixture.

What have you or would you like to make a light fixture out of?

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