DIY Mirror Ideas With Rustic Style

Mirrors are more than just a looking glass, they are a decorative accent for your home.  You can have a lot of fun with a mirror frame to give it personality and a theme to fit in or make a statement with your decor style. These DIY mirror ideas may inspire you to do a little project of your own.

How To Give Mirror Frames Rustic Style

Since I like DIY projects that I can easily do myself and don’t require lots of power tools, all of these DIY mirrors are easy to assemble. Although some of the projects may be a little time consuming, the results are well worth the time.

Line A Frame With Old License Plates

DIY mirror with license plate frame


I love using vintage license plates wherever I can and this DIY mirror idea is a fun use for a rustic or vintage setting. Although this was done with a small mirror, a larger mirror would look really nice as well. Below is a mirror with the same concept that was sold at Antique Farmhouse for over $300.

large license plate mirror

SOURCE: Antique Farmhouse

If you already have a plain large mirror, you could just decorate the frame with old license plates to get the same look. The tricky part is finding all of the rusty plates that match. It may take a little searching to come up with that many. However, old license plates are typically sold at flea markets and antique stores. Or, check out estate sales. I’ve seen them in lots of garages at these sales. If you can only find old license plates without much rust, there are techniques for making them rusty. They have to be the older plates though because new license plates are aluminum and don’t rust.

I used rusted yellow license plates to line the top of my son’s bulletin board once. It was really simple to do just the top which could also be done with a mirror if you didn’t want to frame the whole thing with license plates.

DIY Mirror Ideas With Driftwood

diy mirror with driftwood frame

TUTORIAL: Sustain My Craft Habit

Using driftwood to frame a mirror is a great rustic idea especially for a coastal area. This sunburst stye is a pretty easy way to assemble the frame and it has a cheerful look.

diy mirror using driftwood
TUTORIAL: Pomp and Circumstance

Another style, that looks a little more rustic, is to lay out chunkier pieces of driftwood around the mirror. I like how curved pieces of driftwood lay out artistically. It’s probably also easier to find small odd shaped pieces.

diy sunburst driftwood mirror

TUTORIAL: City Farmhouse

Here is another sunburst style DIY mirror but the driftwood is flatter and more like boards than sticks.

Mirrors With Decorative DIY Hangers

round mirror with diy rope hanger

TUTORIAL: Apartment Therapy

This plain round mirror from Ikea looks anything but ordinary when hung by the added thick rope. Sometimes a DIY mirror is  more about the hanger!

round DIY mirror with leather hanging strap

TUTORIAL: Sugar And Cloth

This modern rustic mirror is made from a paper mache hat box and leather strap. Because of the classy design, this is one of my favorite DIY mirrors.

Super Easy Copper And Wood DIY Mirrors

copper and wood diy mirror

TUTORIAL: A Beautiful Mess

These copper and wood mirrors only look expensive and difficult to make. The fact is, it’s only a matter of gluing the parts together. A round craft mirror is glued to a copper wire placemat. Then, an embroidery hoop is glued to the placemat as a border to the mirror. For different looks, try making these with other sturdy round placemats.

Give A Frameless Floor Mirror More Style And Function

diy plywood floor mirror with shelves

TUTORIAL: The Merry Thought

Whenever I see those narrow frameless mirrors, I’m never quite sure what I would do with one. That is until now! This is such a great idea for adding style and function to a plain mirror. I love the look of big framed floor mirrors leaning up against the wall. This DIY mirror offers the same feel but with added storage. I like the styling of the natural wood but you could also stain or paint the wood to go with your own style.

If you are looking for ways to frame an existing large bath mirror, check out my post on bathroom mirrors.

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