Rustic Vase Ideas That You Can Make

A home accessory that almost everyone has a need for at some point is a vase. They can hold anything from fresh flowers to artificial fillers for instant brightening of a room. To make the vase even more interesting, it can be decorated in a rustic style with a variety of common materials. These rustic vase ideas can be whipped up in no time at all.

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Rustic Birch Bark Vase

This first vase is one that I made from a recycled wine bottle and birch bark.

diy rustic vases

diy rustic vases

Since I have access to lots of woodland areas, I like to peel my own birch bark from fallen trees. However, if you don’t have access to birch trees, you can also purchase birch bark that is ready to use. Then, just peel the birch bark into strips and hot glue to your wine bottle. Make sure to overlap the strips in a natural looking way.

The rest of the collection are vases that I found across the web that I thought were the most stylish.

More Rustic Vase Inspiration

1. Rustic Weathered Wood Shim Vase by Love Grows Wild.

diy rustic vases

I love that the weathered wood is actually just inexpensive wood shims that have been made to look weathered with vinegar and coffee. All you have to do is glue them to an existing vase to add a rustic touch. Tie them off with twine to finish the look.

2. Hollow Log Vase by Ashbee Design.

diy rustic vases

I find hollowed out logs in the woods quite often and love this idea for inserting a bud vase. This DIY takes a couple of power tools for slicing and sanding but the result is a work of art!

3. Light Bulb Vase by Sweet Society

diy rustic vases

This DIY is more rustic industrial but very delicate and sweet. You can get the full tutorial at Free People.

4. DIY Metallic Coffee Can Vases.

diy rustic vases

diy rustic vases

For some more rustic industrial inspiration, these painted metallic coffee can vases are perfect for the metallic trend right now. Homey Oh My shows how easy it is to make the adorable herb planters.

5. Twig Vase by Greco Design.

diy rustic vases

This last vase is another one that can be made at practically zero cost. All you need is to collect a jar of any size and some twigs from outside. The twigs are then hot glued to the jar – simple, rustic and beautiful!

Do you have a favorite rustic vase or any unique DIY’s that you have tried?

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  1. I’m glad that you like them! The spray paint that was used was Rustoleum metallic spray paint in copper.

  2. The metallic coffee can vases are fantastic! That’s an idea I will certainly use here at home. Awesome tips I get whenever I come here! What color of spray did you use for the copper look?

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