DIY Bunk Beds With Stairs

Although some cabins are huge and luxurious, I would say that the majority are probably much smaller than a home.  That would be ours.  Since space is limited and we like to have lots of guests over, we needed to come up with the best possible sleep arrangements that we could fit. Not only were we after sleeping space, we also wanted to build something with storage. So, we built double bunk beds with stairs that flip up for storage.

Bunk beds seemed like the most logical choice for our cabin.  If you can’t spread out, you might as well stack up!  However, we have a lot of adults staying with us so we needed a design that would accommodate any size person and be easy to access.  My husband starting working on a plan that would fit our space and accommodate our needs. The bunk bed design that he came up with was two sets of long twin size bunks with stairs in between. Although, the stairs would be great for anyone accessing the top bunks, they also served another purpose. The stair treads were installed on hinges to access the interior of the steps. This is now where we keep extra linens and blankets.

Double Bunk Bed Design

bunk beds with stairs

The height of the lower bunks allows for plenty of storage underneath. It’s the perfect spot for luggage or bins.

bunk beds with stairs

This bunk bed design has the bunks built in to the walls. Each bed frame was screwed directly into the wall at the studs. The outer sides were secured to the 4×4 posts.

bunk beds with stairs

Originally, we were going to enclose both sides of the stairs but later decided to keep the stairs open for better air flow between the beds. Instead, we enclosed just the sides of the runners since we were having storage in the stairs. As you can see, I’ve made use of the area underneath the bunks for holding some of my craft supplies!

bunk beds with stairs

Making bunk beds with stairs was the best decision we could have made. First of all, the stairs feel way more safe than a ladder with the concrete floor underneath. Second, the storage that we get underneath is extremely helpful in the small space. Each of the three hinged steps offer deep storage to fit thick blankets and comforters.

How To Make Bunk Beds With Stairs

This bunk bed design is attached directly to the wall studs and is tucked into two walls.

Materials For Two Sets Of Bunks

4 – sections of 1/2 inch thick plywood that are 42 inches wide by 75 inches long

3 – 4×4 posts 70 1/2 inches long

8 – 2×6 40.5 inches long

2 – 2×6 73.5 inches long

4 – 2×6 75 inches long

2 – 2×10 73.5 inches long

2 – stair runner sections for five steps

10 – 2×10 22 inches wide (two of these will be ripped)

3 – 2×3 strips at 22 inches wide

piano hinges (3)

3 – 2x4x4 blockers

Bunk Beds With Stairs Instructions

  1. Build bed frames by screwing four sections of the 2×6 wood together in a rectangle. For the long sides, you’ll use one section that is 73.5 inches long and the other one is 75 inches long. The 75 inch long boards get attached to the wall and the 73.5 inch long boards are at the opposite side. The shorter 40.5 inch sections but up to the boards against the wall. Finally, the long front boards at 73.5 inches fit between the head and foot boards. For upper bunks, you can use 2×10’s instead of 2×6’s for the outer edge of the frame. You’ll just need to cut those at 75 inches and notch them out where they meet the end boards at the outer edge.
  2. Once the rectangle frame is secure, attach the inside piece to the wall. Make sure that the frame is secured to studs.
  3. Line up a 4×4 post at the outer corners of each bunk. Attach the outer frame to the posts using 5 inch bolts.
  4. Place a 2x4x4 blocker underneath the outer frame edges at the posts.
  5. For the storage stairs, attach each runner to the wall and the corner posts.
  6. Attach one of the 22 inch wide 2×3’s to a 22 inch wide 2×10 with a piano hinge. This makes the tread assembly.
  7. Then, attach the tread to the stair runner.
  8. Attach another 22 inch 2×10 perpendicular and to the front of the tread.
  9. Close in the sides underneath the runners so storage steps have sides.
  10. Paint and stain the stairs to give them a nice finished look.

bunk beds with stairs

bunk beds with stairs

bunk beds with stairs



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  1. I would love to buy these plans if you sell them? Let me know thank you!


  2. My husband and I love this design. My husband and I are looking to do something like this for our kid’s room. Where can I get the plans?

    1. My husband didn’t work from any formal plans. He basically took measurements as he worked. I will add a materials list, with measurements, to this post shortly.

      1. I would love to get the measurements and material list so my husband can make these beds for our camp. Thank you

  3. Where can I get the plans for this bed at?

  4. Thank you ladies! The design has worked out well for us.

  5. I will second that one, your design takes advantage of your limited space while keeping it tasteful and stylish.

    Well Done!

  6. This is really a cool idea. Love it – especially the stairs between the beds!

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