Duct Tape Crafts And Repurposing Ideas

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They say you can fix almost anything with duct tape but now you can actually decorate with it!  With all of the new fun prints available for duct tape you can just go wild with your design and craft possibilities.

I bought some duct tape, that looked like a shiny metal or steel, that I thought I would have fun playing around with in a variety of duct tape crafts projects.

Since I love to recycle, it does come in handy for transforming throw away objects into new and decorative uses.

I made this little bud vase out of an empty mini body spray bottle and some of that metallic duct tape:

I just cut a couple of sections of tape and wrapped them around the bottle lengthwise, tucking the ends around the base and into the neck of the bottle.  To add a little decorative interest, I simple wrapped a heavy gauge florist wire around the top of the bottle and added a fun bead with some thinner wire.

There are lots of other ways that you can recycle and re-purpose with duct tape.  Here are just a few of the fun craft ideas:

Duct Tape Craft Ideas:

Duct tape craft idea by House of Hepworth.

House Of Hepworths shows you how you can decorate storage containers using boxes, recycled cans and a fun decorative zebra print duct tape.  This is  a quick and easy way to get some attractive organization for your craft room or office.

Duct tape craft idea by Family Fun.

I love the wicker design duct tape that Family Fun used to make this pencil holder and box.

Duct tape craft idea by Brainybee

The handles on this Hermes inspires handbag are covered with duct tape.  This whole project, by Craftster – Brainybee,  is made up of recycled materials.  She set out to make a copy of the most expensive handbag at $200,000.00 for just a couple of dollars.  I think she did an amazing job!

Duct tape craft idea by Real Simple.I love this idea by Real Simple for identifying luggage!  Trying to find your luggage among the 5o other bags that look exactly like yours in the airport gets to be a little frustrating.  I have put brightly colored ribbons on the handles of mine but I love this idea for sticking a strip or two of colorful duct tape right on the luggage.  Not only does it catch your eye but it also looks nice too.  With all of the different colors and designs you would be able to pick out something unique, making your luggage easy to spot!

Duct tape craft idea by How Joyful.

This custom organizer idea by How Joyful is easy to do with cardboard cut to size and some duct tape to hold it together.

Duct tape wallet craft by Sherri Osborn.


And, just for fun, here is a fun idea for keeping your money safe!  This duct tape wallet can be made in all kinds of fun colors and designs!  Kids would love to make and use these.  They make a fun project for the leftover duct tape!

Happy Crafting!

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