Easy Decorative Recycled Crafts

Before you throw out ANYTHING, take a few minutes to use your imagination on what you might be able to turn that trash item into. OR, take a look at these easy decorative recycled crafts that you can put together to use in home decorating.

Recycled Craft Ideas

Napkin Rings From Toilet Paper Rolls

One of my favorite craft projects is to use toilet paper rolls to make decorative napkin rings.  You can vary the look by the fabric and accessories that you choose to decorate them with.

recycled crafts by rustic-crafts.com

You can find the tutorial for this craft at DIY Napkin Rings Made From Toilet Paper Rolls.

Bracelet Tree From Cable Wire

Something you might not have thought of for a craft item is industrial wire cable.  While it may not be something most people have readily available, it is a throw away item left over from construction sites.  I used some of this wire to make a bracelet tree after my husband welded a strand to a metal base for me.

recycled crafts by rustic-crafts.com

Decorative Storage From Tin Cans

Back to a more common household item are tin cans.  I think almost everyone has cans that they can recycle.  I like to use them for decorative storage in my craft room or office.

recycled crafts by rustic-crafts.com

See all the variety of can caddie ideas at my Can Crafts Tutorial.

Paper Holder From Cereal Box

A cereal box can be turned into a decorative item as well.  I used one to make a fun paper holder for my office.

recycled crafts by rustic-crafts.com

I actually had recycled some newspaper for this craft too!  See how to make it at Cereal Box Craft.

Pencil Holder From Drinking Glass

How many of you have mismatched drinking glasses or maybe a couple that have gotten cloudy from the dishwasher.  I had a few of those!  So..I decided to recycle them into useful pencil holders like this one:

recycled crafts by rustic-crafts.com

You can find the tutorial for this pencil holder craft here.

What types of items do you like to recycle?  Have you made anything recently to use in your home?  Share your ideas with us!



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