Film Reel Decor Ideas

As I scour the antique stores, I have been on the look out for vintage film reels for a friend of mine to use in her home decor.  I have found her some, along with a movie camera, and this leads me to write this post on film reel decor ideas.

This look seems to be quite popular right now as I have also seen many film reel inspired decor items for sale at stores such as Home Goods.  First of all, vintage items are nostalgic and warm but also a film theme is great for a family room where you may watch a lot of movies.

I have found quite a few inspiring and unique ideas for incorporating film reels into your decor.  Here are some of the best.

Film Reel Decor Inspiration

Use A Film Reel As Wall Art

film reel wall decor

SOURCE: A Pop Of Pretty

Since movies at home are usually watched in a family room or even a theater room, film reel decor has the most meaning there. Simply hanging an old film reel on the wall is great wall art. Depending on your style, you can either use a film reel  in it’s natural metal or paint one to become a colorful accent for your room.

film reel decor


Here is another great example of using film reels as wall art. The simplest way to decorate with film reels is to simply hang them on the wall.   Using varying sizes, finishes and designs adds more interest.  It also makes a great design statement having painted stripes on the wall to complement the circles of the reels.

Repurpose A Film Reel Into A Fun Picture Frame

film reel picture frame

SOURCE: Thrifty Fun

This is a great idea to use an empty film reel as a holder for pictures…especially vintage pictures.

Create A Display With Vintage Cameras

old film reel displayed with vintage cameras

SOURCE: Yellow Bliss Road

Combine a film reel or two with some vintage cameras for a fun grouping.  I like how the stacked film reel cases were used to give the second camera some height.

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  1. Thank you for the sources…my sister is working on her new media room and loved your ideas!!

  2. I enjoyed these ideas.. Would love to see more!

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