DIY Caddy Using A Recycled Six Pack Container

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If you are looking for ways to get organized, I have one surprising tip that should come in real handy.  I know I am always looking for functional ways to organize my craft room.  The trick is to do it without spending a fortune.  I am going to show you a craft for a tool caddy that you can make using recycled material with hardly any effort.

Since the base of this tool caddy was made from a carton that holds a six pack of beer, the caddy was made for pennies.  The six sections work perfectly for storing some of my crafting tools, making the tool caddy very functional.

Not only do you get to create something very economically but you also have an opportunity to recycle that cardboard into a useful and decorative item.  It’s a win win situation!  This green craft is super easy to do in no time at all.

Craft Skill Level: easy

Materials Needed:

  • cardboard six pack container
  • paint
  • burlap garland
  • buttons
  • leaf and berry floral pick
  • tacky glue
  • hot glue

Tool Caddy Craft Instructions:

  1. Paint six pack container in desired color.  If you are using a light color you may have to use several coats.
  2. Cut a piece of burlap garland to fit around the container with about an inch overlap.  Glue one end at the middle front with tacky glue.  Wrap around the container and glue the other end also at the front.
  3. Hot glue two buttons at the middle seam in front, starting at the middle of the container with the first button working down.
  4. Stick your floral pick stem through the burlap so that the leaves are somewhat centered over the buttons.  Hot glue the leaves in place.

recycled six pack container storage caddy

Here is another idea for decorating a six pack:

recycled six pack container storage caddy

If you don’t want to paint, use paper instead.  Simply buy a pattern of paper that you like and decoupage it to the container using Mod Podge.   Spread a layer of Mod Podge on the section of the container  you will be applying your paper.  Next, spread a thin layer of the decoupage on the back side of the paper and adhere paper in place.  Finally, spread another coat of decoupage over the paper as a final coat.

I used a plain paper that coordinated with my pattern for the back and sides.  Since I have plenty of wine corks, I used one of those to embellish the front.  I adhered it with just a little tacky glue.  I then wrapped raffia around the handle and the tool caddy was complete!

recycled six pack container storage caddy

There are lots of ways you can decorate your tool caddy and there are also a lot of different ways to use it.  What ideas do you have for putting this to use?  How will you decorate it?  Share your thoughts to help inspire other crafters.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I love the little caddy’s, they are adorable. I think that they would make great gift containers to. I am sharing a short post of your six pack caddy on my blog. Have a wonderful day. And Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.


    1. That’s great Linda! I look forward to reading it. I agree that these would work well for gift containers!

  2. Do you decorate th interior including the dividers? I have been playing with the same idea but I want the dividers to be solid no holes. I also want to/do put paper inside but the dividers make it hard get it to look nice inside.
    I have taken one apart and decorated it.
    I have taken out the dividers and decorated those and put them in. Didn’t look nice.
    Next idea is to make a small box and put it in the middle and place a sheet of paper inside where the handle is.
    I also want the entire bottom closed so nothing falls it. Been playing with different ideas there to.
    I would appreciate any input. Thanks

  3. Love the idea perfect for Xmas or any event

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