Decorating In Blue Inspiration and Ideas

Decorating in blue is a good way to add some cheerful or tranquil touches to your home. The shade that you choose will determine the mood that the color gives. I found plenty of inspiration of using blue in the home.

Here are some popular swatches at the lighter and darker end of the scale.

how to decorate a blue room how to decorate a blue room

So, how do we incorporate these cheerful shades into a rustic chic design?

I am going to show you some great examples of decorating in blue. The following rooms or decorative accessories already using this brighter blue to give some ideas and inspiration.

How To Decorate With Blue

how to decorate a blue room
Bright blue antler handles by Eliana de Leon Interior Design

These antler handles really pop with the blue paint!  It also transforms a pure rustic look into something more rustic chic and artsy.

how to decorate a blue room
Blue living room by Inspiration For Home

Notice how the room initially has the typical look of a shabby chic style with all of the white furnishings, the painted wood floor, and the basket of logs?  With the addition of the blue color, the room pops with cheerfulness.

how to decorate a blue room
Industrial blue rooms by Indecora

I like these examples in more of an industrial chic setting.  The wall color is a nice backdrop for the rest of the decor.

how to paint a blue room
Blue cabinet by Sabpa

Painting just an accent piece like one cabinet or a piece of furniture in blue is a great way to incorporate the color.

how to decorate a blue room
Blue barn doors by Epitome Of Chic

At the lighter end of the scale, these barn doors look amazing in the blue.  If you don’t happen to have any barn doors in your house, maybe you want to accent another door in blue.  The result would be about the same.  I have thought about replacing some closet doors with vintage doors from an architectural salvage store.  It might be nice to pop some color on something like that.

how to decorate a blue room
blue kitchen by The Zhush

This kitchen just makes me smile.  I could definitely spend some time in here!

I hope you have been inspired!

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