How To Decorate With Old Windows

It seems there has been a huge interest in decorating with old windows.  Some questions have been asked on where to find these windows so I wanted to answer this and discuss how to decorate with old windows in more detail.

Before going in to how we decorate we need to know how to get the windows.

Where To Find Old Windows?

  • architectural salvage shops – these shops usually have the hard to find sizes and shapes but are normally quite expensive
  • antique stores – I have found several at various antique stores for reasonable prices
  • Freecycle – You can join this network, for your area, and put in a search for old windows.  Anyone having windows to get rid of will contact you!
  • Craig’s List – An excellent resource for people selling or giving things away.
  • Ebay or Etsy – There are always people selling windows at these two places.
  • Habitat For Humanity Restore – these stores sell some building materials at very low cost

Ways To Decorate With Old Windows

window sign by

I made a window sign with this vintage window by simply writing on one side with a chalk marker.  I obviously did this free hand but if you wanted something more uniform you could use a stencil or print your message out on paper, place it behind the glass and then trace over it.

how to decorate with old windows by

This six pane window was just what I need to make a daily message board.  I painted the back side of the glass so that I could easily use a chalk marker on the glass side and wipe it off easily.  If I want to have a regular matte chalkboard, to use with chalk, I can just flip the frame over.

vintage window frame by

One of my simplest ideas was to hang a six pane window frame, that had the glass removed, and just clip a floral pick to it with an industrial clip.

vintage window hanky display

I used that same window frame for displaying vintage inspired hankies at my daughter’s wedding.  These were given out for “tears of joy”!  I just strung wire across the frame, in two spots, and hung the hankies with tiny clothespins.

Other Ways To Use Old Windows:

  • display photos behind the glass or hang framed photos in front of window from ribbon
  • instead of clipping hankies, clip photos, artwork, or a banner
  • hang a wreath in front of a window
  • display a grouping of different sized windows together on a fireplace mantel

What ideas do you have for how to decorate with old windows?  Share some of your ideas below!



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  1. What kind of paint do you use on the windows that won’t scratch or wash off. I’ve tried enamel for windows, but that peels right off. I want to paint house numbers and hand outside.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      You might want to try applying a coat of clear varnish or tile treatment sealer over your paint to prevent peeling. Hope this helps!

  2. Love the writing on the windows, reminds me of when my kids used to write on the windows and mirrors 🙂 For me Simple is better.

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