How To Make A Chalkboard Using A Vintage Picture Frame

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If you are like me and have been the recipient of some antique wall art, you may love the vintage picture frame but aren’t too fond of the print.  It can be costly to custom size a print to fit some of the odd sized frames.  However, a great option is to create your own decorative chalkboard instead.

It is super easy to transform your old wall art into this versatile and fun chalkboard.  You can even paint right over the glass.  And, if you don’t want to use your chalkboard over and over, you can write out a meaningful quote and hang it where it won’t be touched.

I decided to do just that.  It could have been used in so many places buy since our bedroom set is antique, I thought the frame would complement the room well and be a nice focal point over the bed.

I don’t have a picture of the frame with the original print but I do have this picture of a failed attempt at inserting a poster with spray adhesive:

The print got wrinkled in spots.  It went in my daughter’s bedroom and with all of the wrinkled clothes on the floor in blended in perfectly!  However, when she moved out, I was ready to do something different with the frame.

Here are the steps that I took to create the chalkboard wall quote:

1.  Apply super thin coats of chalkboard paint.  This picture shows a close up of just one thin coat.  You can see that there is barely anything there.  I used very thin coats because I was brushing the paint on with a sponge brush and I wanted to make sure it was super smooth.   The paint does not adhere as well at first to the glass when you use a sponge brush.  Originally I was going to use spray paint but ended up using brush on because the weather was not cooperating for me to paint outside.  I left the picture and glass right in the frame to do my painting but would not recommend doing this normally.  Taking the glass out of the frame first would be much easier.  The only reason that I did it this way was because the whole assembly of the picture was very fragile.  I had taken everything apart once and felt very fortunate that I hadn’t broken the glass.  I was not going to risk it again.  I put on about six thin coats with the last two coats being a little thicker.  Wait one hour between each coat of paint.

***Note – I had done a smaller project, on glass, using a paint brush and only two thicker coats.  It turned out fine but you could see just a little bit of brush marks which basically disappeared after applying chalk.

2.  Once you have all of your painting complete, let the chalkboard cure for at least 24 hours.

3.  Rub chalk lightly over the surface of the chalkboard to prime it for use.

4.  If you are going to put a quote on your board, I would recommend writing it out with regular chalk first.  It is easier to quickly erase and start over if you need to.  Once you are happy with how it all lines up, go over the chalk with a chalk marker for a brighter and bolder look.

And here is a larger look at the room with the finished chalkboard!

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  1. Vintage chalkboards are very useful for several reasons. It can be used to make memo cards for kitchen, menu boards for dining, for writing some special quotes. It can be used as a decoration item as well. The frames can be transferred into chalkboard by using some chalkboard paint. After making of the chalkboard you can use this anywhere. The tips given by you are very important and useful. I will surely take care of these.

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