How To Make A Grain Sack Vase

There is something about the look of an old grain sack that just really warms me up!  I love that thick burlap and most sacks have an intriguing stamped pattern or words on them that just have to be displayed in some way.

You may have seen pillows made from real grain sacks or grain sack inspired throw pillows for sale in stores.  These have been extremely popular lately.  I have also seen chair seats reupholstered with a grain sack. There are so many ways to decorate with grain sacks.

I recently picked up a few coffee and grain sacks from a local antique store.  My main intent is to reupholster a chair seat or two.  However, I thought it would be fun to make an interesting vase out of a section of one as well.

Grain Sack Vase Instructions

The back of one of my sacks had the traditional stripes down the center.  This was the exact simple pattern that I wanted to use for my vase.  I decided to transform one of my cylinder glass vases but I really could have used an oatmeal container, for a little smaller vase, as well.

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I laid my vase on it’s side and just eyeballed the amount of material that I needed to cut to fit around the circumference of the vase.

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Once the grain sack was cut, I began to glue it to the glass vase with fabric glue.

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I started with a line of glue down the middle of the stripe and attached that to the glass first.  Then, I applied the top edge, two cut edges, and finally the bottom edge.

Once the fabric was all in place, I trimmed away any overhanging burlap from the bottom of the vase.

That’s it!  The project was finished when I filled the vase with birch branches and white silk carnations.  I also decided to add a little linen ribbon stripe around the center.

Here it is on my fireplace hearth:

how to make a grain sack vase by



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