How We Reused An Old Farmhouse Sink In The Bathroom

Sometimes the original purpose for an item is better served in another area of a house. This was the case for an old farmhouse sink in a house that we just recently finished renovating. I do absolutely love farmhouse sinks in kitchens but this particular one wasn’t going to quite work in the new space. The sink was also quite shallow with one side being taken up with a drain surface.

Farmhouse Sink Before Restoration

Here is a look at it just after we tore it out of the kitchen.

farmhouse sink

I was concentrating more on working than snapping pictures so these quick shots are not real clear but hopefully you get the idea!

We figured that we could somehow still use this sink. If not in the kitchen then maybe in one of the bathrooms.

After thinking about our final design plan, it was decided that it would go into the newly created master bath in the upper level. My husband made a heavy duty wall bracket out of steel bars.

Then, he and my son in law just lifted the sink into place.

farmhouse sink

Unfortunately, we had already had the electricians wire in an outlet for above a regular vanity, that was originally going to be there. We could have lowered the sink just a little bit but then it would have been below standard height. I also no longer wanted the outlet in that location. It didn’t make any sense. So we had the electricians come back and put that outlet below the sink and under the drain board surface area. This also meant that I had to patch up that hole and do a little repainting but after painting a whole house, one little extra spot didn’t really matter.

Farmhouse Sink After Restoration

Here is the bathroom farmhouse sink after my daughter and son in law had moved in! It has a new faucet that is a replicate of the original. I like that it has a little bar soap holder which also makes it especially nice for a bathroom.

farmhouse sink

For a little extra stability and mostly for looks, we added a couple of galvanized steel plumbers pipe legs. It adds a fun industrial touch and also balances out the look of the entire sink. I would like to do something yet with the real plumbing under the sink but that will come later!

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