How To Use An Old Ladder For Storage In The Bathroom

Have you ever thought of using an old ladder for storage? The steps of a ladder double as shelves making it perfect for storing things. I use a small step ladder in my bathroom to hold a basket of supplies and candles. Since the top of the step ladder is wide enough to sit on, it comes in handy as a stool as well.

First Step Was A Little Ladder Makeover

I pulled out an old step ladder that I had picked up over the summer that was just waiting for me to do something with.  It must have belonged to a painter at some point because it was covered in layers of multi-colored paints. Since I wanted to use the ladder in my bathroom, and my bathroom is very neutral, I needed to make a change. Although I really liked the fun blotches of color, I really wanted white for my bathroom.

It was first going to need a little sanding and a coat of fresh white paint.  I just wanted to get the loose paint off and leave the distressed texture.

old ladder for storage after sanding

This was after sanding most of the loose paint. I didn’t sand it all the way down because I wanted some of that yummy texture. Next, I added my white paint.

A Storage Ladder Stool For My Bathroom

Now I can use my old ladder for storage or to sit on while doing pedicures!

All of my soaps are handy for the bath.

The wide top of the ladder is so comfortable for sitting on when needed.

The step ladder is small enough that it doesn’t get in the way.

There’s something about an old distressed step ladder that looks warm and spa like in a bathroom.

When I think of how fast I got this project done, I have to wonder what took me so long to do it in the first place!

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  1. Good idea! Wonderful bathroom ! Ours is half that size! Thanks.

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